Posted by: seanmalstrom | December 18, 2014

Why do gamers bother with hype at all?

Especially with Zelda games… You guys are fools. When the game comes out, it will be either good or bad. Making endless threads on message forums will not change it one way or another. It is like cooking a souffle by placing it in the oven and then writing tons of papers on whether or not the souffle will rise or not.

I have heard mention of Animal Crossing mechanics in Zelda U. That is actually a good idea. Why? I see Animal Crossing as a series that is going to die off since the killer gameplay feature of *real time* going on like a world inside the game going on even if you aren’t there will get tiresome sitting by itself. I’ve always wondered why Nintendo didn’t incorporate Animal Crossing mechanics into other games. Imagine a Mario game where, at certain times of the day, the levels change or vary.

The Splatoon single player doesn’t look compelling. WTF is with those enemies? A shame since Splatoon really has some good characters from the Splatoon girl to the cat that judges everything. Good games need interesting villains. Just ask Donkey Kong, Bowser, Ganon, and Metroids.

And, oh God, working 40+ hours and taking classes is completely draining to me. Literally can’t keep eyes open. Time for sleep.



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