Posted by: seanmalstrom | December 23, 2014

Some serious questions about Nintendo

It’s that time again, readers! It is time for a quiz.
Here is the first question:
1. Do you think Nintendo will ever decide to cash in on Retro gaming as Atari and Sega have been attempting of late via their release of these “Classic game consoles” I’ve been finding on store shelves of late that go for around 30 bucks a pop with a ton of built in games?I can imagine Nintendo fanboys actually heading in droves to their nearest local shop that would carry brand new 2014 NES or SNES consoles officially branded by Nintendo as a Nintendo OEM product with the gold Nintendo seal of approval logo on the box just to say they got one and add it to their collection. I’m sure you yourself would go out and buy one Malstrom if only they added your beloved Mario 3 to the inbuilt games pile along with an OEM official Nintendo branded and created controller for highly accurate gameplay.

Of course the argument against Nintendo doing this is that they’ve already got their Virtual Console line but somehow I think they’d still be able to successfully nickel and dime their customers in such a way especially if they kept the price extremely low, the products were of great quality and could actually play the old NES or SNES cartridges that people have as this Classic Sega Game console I just bought tonight apparently says it can on the box as it pertains to Sega’s games.

And the answer is…

Why would Nintendo do that? Those Atari and Sega consoles you see are Chinese made and not only have the original games but tons of Chinese made crap games on them too. Nintendo doesn’t want their brand to be sunk that low. Never going to happen.

2. Are we totally screwed as it pertains to Nintendo ever making quality Mario and Zelda games ever again? I have a complex multi faceted way of questioning you about this that I hope you’ll be able to answer so here goes.

What I mean is have they made enough money with the Wii’s initial success to the point they can engage in “OMG 3D” and “Aonuma Zelda” dreck for decades upon decades where all us middle aged gamers may end up dead of old age before they are ever financially forced to change the direction their company is going in?

Nintendo’s has a different definition of quality than we do. Our definition of quality is ‘fun for us’. Nintendo’s definition of quality is ‘fun for developers’. And you know what is fun for Nintendo developers? 3d and puzzles. Lots of puzzles! This is why so many indie games are puzzle games because they are so easy to develop. This is why Nintendo made Captain Toad and Wind Waker sequels and remake despite there being absolutely zero demand.

It’s becoming clear that Nintendo is no longer interested in making games that are fun for people… only games fun for themselves. “But Malstrom, that is not profitable. They have to make things the market wants to buy.” They do not if they can make another business to cover their bills. This is what their medical ‘entertainment’ products are supposed to do. Then they can make 3d Mario and Aonuma Zelda and “Baby oh baby” Metroid until they die.

3. What is to prevent Nintendo from tricking the market by seeming to create another console like the Wii that you and the mass market absolutely LOVED at first Malstrom only to betray you and the market LATER just so that they can get enough cash reserves built up again to continue with their “OMG 3D” and “Aonuma Zelda” obsessions?

Thanks if you get around to answering this considering how busy you apparently are.


The market can’t be tricked. Not the gaming market at least. When has the gaming market been ‘tricked’? Maybe due to a hotly hyped game. But it lasts only a couple of weeks until word gets out. Bad games don’t survive in the gaming business.



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