Posted by: seanmalstrom | December 31, 2014

Email: Game Picking and the State of Retail

Hello Master Malstrom,

I have a few days off so I went game picking today!  I don’t know of any
good places to go properly retro in my area – there’s one sweet game store
near downtown which is nice if you absolutely must have a certain game and
you don’t mind paying twice as much as you would on eBay or Amazon…but I
only really go there for the fun of browsing eight generations of video
games at once.

That said, now is a great time to clean up on the Generation 7 systems,
which I happen to have stumbled my way into owning all three.

I’ve noticed that retailers are getting much more cautious about video
games over the past couple of years…walking into any of these places, the
selection is way smaller than it used to be and you won’t find B-games like
MadWorld or Tornado Outbreak laying on the shelves for years anymore.  3DS
must have over 150 retail games, but I didn’t see more than 30 when I was
looking around!  I couldn’t see Zelda: Link to Another World
anywhere…it’s kind of depressing, but I guess that’s the state of gaming
today – online and freemium are the current wave of the future.

Anyway, after looking around the new games, I turned to the bargain bins
and not surprisingly, every “9/10” game from the past 3 years for Xbox 360,
PS3 and Wii U is sitting there for $20.  Borderlands 2, Witcher 2, Bioshock
Infinite, Rayman Legends, every single Lego game…I just about picked a
few up, but I decided to give GameStop a lookie-loo first.

Perfect Dark Zero in a metal collector’s case for $5 – neat!  I know this
game isn’t supposed to be that good, but I used to love Rare and for $5
it’s not much of a gamble.

De Blob for $8, also good!  The Wii section is really picked over now, I
couldn’t find much of anything except shovelware and a handful of games
that I already own.  I’d still like to find the Bit.Trip complete
collection and maybe Boom Blox.

I seriously considered Fable for X360 too, but I’m already sitting on a ton
of unplayed and half-played RPGs, so I quit at the two above, we’ll see how
they are!  Everyone should quit the hype and buy their games for 75% off,
thanks Malstrom for driving some sense into me.

I love how the zOMG “Next Gen” games being $5 is the same market value of crappy NES sports games no one wants anymore.

Time will reveal its true value.





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