Posted by: seanmalstrom | January 2, 2015

Email: Super Gameboy love

I must commend you for the love you gave the Super Gameboy recently Master Maelstrom. It definitely deserves 10/10 for value, especially if you are already sitting on a pile of gameboy games.

I actually have the Super gameboy to thank for my parents getting me a Super Nintendo that one Christmas. I already had a gameboy and they were probably debating on whether or not to get a Super Nintendo or a Mega Drive for me, I have no doubt that the fact that it allowed all my gameboy games to be played on the TV lead to them picking up the Super Nintendo. On Christmas morning I had a Super Nintendo with Yoshi’s Island and a Super Gameboy! I still remember plugging in Link’s Awakening and seeing Link actually be a shade of green, or having Samus actually be Red/Green in Metroid II, incredible!
I think it made it a much cooler Christmas than if I had merely had a new console and a single game to play. The Super gameboy is part of the reason I keep my Super Nintendo around, and why I still like to pick up gameboy games when I see them.

I really wish Nintendo would do a DS/3DS player for the Wii U, I mean that’d at least be a good use for that second screen in the gamepad, don’t you think? I’ve heard they intend to bring DS games to the Wii U virtual console, but I’d rather a peripheral to play my existing carts.


The Super Gameboy, I’m finding, has an interesting history. One of the problems, I didn’t think about, with the Gameboy was that developers would ruin their eyes trying to test out their games. It was challenging enough to play original Gameboy games on the Gameboy system, how could anyone test these games out all day? Intelligent Systems created a device called the Wide Boy which was like a Super Gameboy to the NES. It allowed the Gameboy game to be displayed on the television. Of course, this was a developmental tool and not meant for the public. With later technology and the SNES, it became feasible to turn the Wide Boy into the Super Gameboy and sell it. Nintendo, like Disney, is a cheap company. It saw a way to turn a useful developmental tool into a consumer item. Thank goodness they did so.

Did you know that Japan got a Super Gameboy 2? Oh yeah…

Japan even got a special Hori Super Gameboy controller. Oh, how I want!

The one I need to get is the GBA Player for the Gamecube (and I don’t even own a Gamecube). Very, very expensive but definitely worth it as it is GB, GB Color, and GB Advance libraries on the TV. Three consoles in one with massive game libraries! The GBA games would be worth it.



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