Posted by: seanmalstrom | January 5, 2015

Reality for Metroid fans…

Why would Nintendo make a 2d Metroid using modern bells and whistles when Nintendo refuses to make a 2d Super Mario Brothers game with modern bells and whistles?

“Wah wah…”

The only way I can see it happen is if Retro makes a 2d Metroid. However, that will unlikely happen as a 2d Metroid will probably be on the handheld and will be done by some No-Name developer. A new 2d Metroid will be given the care that a new Yoshi’s Island will… which will be bad.

Nintendo does the dual handheld/home console approach to two games of the same franchise coming out at the same time to EXPERIMENT with a revolution of the franchise. Examples: Mario Kart going to 3d. SNES style mode 7 was for Super Circuit for GBA while N64 Mario Kart did the 3d. 3d was accepted so we never saw anymore 2d. Donkey Kong was made in a classic style for Gameboy in case the Donkey Kong Country, which revolutionized the Donkey Kong brand, didn’t work out. DKC was successful so we saw the end of the Donkey Kong classic gameplay. Most importantly, a huge risk was taken in Metroid with Metroid Prime. If that didn’t work out, Metroid Fusion came out at the same time for GBA in the older style. Prime was successful.

What we are going to see from Metroid is an EXPERIMENTAL title… most likely the 3d version. A crappy 2d version will be pooped out for the handheld. It will be more like Fusion or Zero Mission, it will not be glorious Super Metroid. Nintendo doesn’t like the games you and I like. The experimental title may be more Sakamoto Metroid. I think it is most likely that Retro is doing the 3d Metroid on console and Sakamoto is doing the 2d Metroid on handheld. The 2d Metroid will continue the ever exciting plot from Other M.


All you people wanting a new home console 2d Metroid to blow the smithereens off of Super Metroid (I want this too) will not get your wish. Do you know why? It is because Metroid is a very small audience. There is a MUCH LARGER audience for non-Aonuma Zelda gameplay or 2d Mario and look how Nintendo has treated those. 2d Mario is seen as a joke to Nintendo and are offended that people like it so much more over 3d Mario. As for non-Aonuma gameplay, Nintendo keeps trying to insert a pre-Aonuma element into Aonuma games thinking it will solve all Zelda problems. It won’t. A massive overworld in Zelda means nothing if it is just puzzles. Who wants a giant overworld just to do some puzzles?



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