Posted by: seanmalstrom | January 14, 2015

Retro Collection

I will be adding a new category where I show off what new old games I buy. Why does this matter? Someone might find it useful what I think is worth buying from the past. I’ve been collecting older games for only a few months now. However, I am not a collector. I am a player. I play these games. I do not ‘collect’ them. This is why my collection is so small. 1) I actually play my games. 2) I just started.

The following is the complete list:



-Front loading console

-Two standard controllers.

-Gray light gun

-NES Advantage

-Wired Four Score

-NES Joystick (Quickshot)

Software- (LOL, as if the software is different from the hardware for NES!)

-Super Mario Brothers / Duck Hunt

-Mario Brothers

-Super Mario Brothers 2

-Super Mario Brothers 3

-Donkey Kong Classics

-Legend of Zelda

-Zelda 2

-Final Fantasy

-Kid Icarus

-Mike Tyson’s Punch Out

-Wrecking Crew

-Mega Man 2

-Mega Man 3

-Mega Man 4


-Gauntlet 2



-Double Dragon 2

-Adventures of Lolo 2

-Chip and Dale: Rescue Rangers


-Lode Runner



-Dr. Mario

-Boulder Dash

-Ice Hocker

-Bubble Bobble

-Guardian Legend

-Kings of the Beach


-Blades of Steel






Super Gameboy (I have original and GBA but I prefer to use Super Gameboy)



-Metroid 2

-Mega Man


-Dr. Mario

-Defender and Joust

-Super Mario Land


-Bonk’s Adventure




-Final Fantasy Legend

-Final Fantasy Adventure

-Some strange Japanese hockey game I don’t know what it is



-SNES console

-3 SNES controllers

-Mouse and Mouse Pad


-Mario Paint

-Final Fantasy 2

-Final Fantasy 3

-Mystic Quest

-Star Fox


And yes, my SNES library really does suck at the moment. I lost many games and the console due to letting someone keep it. Now I have to start buying them back.


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