Posted by: seanmalstrom | January 15, 2015

Email: Master Malstrom… help! Why is Nintendo doing this?

Master Malstrom…

… help!

Nintendo has delivered upon us another dose of “Please Understand”, and I don’t understand why they insist on making us suffer!

The New Nintendo 3DS now has a hardware feature to make sure people do NOT avoid their glorious 3D!
We will have a Fire Emblem with a LOT of Japanese influence, after all, that’s what the western market wants!
We will have Majora’s Mask remake and we WILL understand how much of a genius Aonuma is!
We will have even more possibilities of buying overpriced plastic toys as a mean of unlocking DLC with the Amiibos!
We will have no news of Mario Maker, as 2D Mario is part of the long, forgotten past!
We will have Wii games being sold on eShop, as we did not understand them!
… and all of that without the burden of getting yet another AC adapter!

Why do I feel like Nintendo is beating me up until I apologize for not liking what they want me to like?


We have to see Gen 9 Nintendo handheld to see which path Nintendo will go. I think right now Nintendo is just gorging itself. It may be the last time to play in this 3d hardware so it is playing it for what it can. In the Gamecube’s final days of Chibi Robo and Odama, those didn’t point to the Wii. But we know we are in the twilight of 3DS with all the puzzle games coming out for it. Puzzle games always seem to trumpet the ending of the console. I’d say we’ll see appearance of the 3DS successor announced in 2016.

But I like the cut of your jib, emailer…

Were there any games I saw in the Nintendo Direct that I liked? Nah. Well, Splatoon still has my attention. I just want to know if I can play with bots. What is the value of Splatoon after the Wii U Era is gone? I do not want online only multiplayer!







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