Posted by: seanmalstrom | January 20, 2015

I might buy a Wii U for Splatoon

I’m not digging the Evil Octopus Army. It isn’t enough for the Squidlings to be memorable (which they are), the enemies must be memorable too. Not seeing it there.

But this game looks insane. It feels fresh (boy am I tired of more Mario Kart, Mario, Zzzzzelda, etc). There is this crazy backstory they are doing. What is with that 8-bit Splatoon? What is with those posters? WTF!??? This OMGWTF moment I only get from Japanese games. I got it in SPADES with Super Mario Brothers. The original Super Mario Brothers was a nuclear bomb of OMGWTFBBQ. You got mushrooms and got BIGGER? You could run on the CEILING while underground? There was a negative world? WTF is going on here!???? The game felt like the developers were on mushrooms. It was brilliant. The Zelda games I got that feeling too. You attack the NPC, and he attacks back hahahahahah. Metroid as well (though Metroid was more mystery and eerie than crazy dev-on-mushrooms). Got that feeling with Super Mario Kart (bought it at launch when everyone ridiculed me for it. Everyone thought it was a baby type game and boy were they wrong). The OMGWTFBBQ craziness of the original Super Mario Brothers has only been matched by Wii Sports. Remember that video of Iwata talking to some Japanese newswoman and he demonstrated the wii-mote during the interview by swinging it, and it occurred on the screen? The woman jumped with shock.

Nintendo says this is ‘surprise’ but it is more like ‘omgwtfbbq’. Splatoon gives off the ‘crazy devs on mushrooms’ feeling. Not as big as Mario or Wii Sports of course. I actually don’t think this game will be that big at all. It seems it will be an intense cult hit which might one day flower into a mass phenomenon some day later on.

I am very curious of women’s reactions to Splatoon. If you want Blue Ocean, get females into the shooter genre. Splatoon will not be competing with Call of Duty or Gears of War.

I require for myself six games I want to buy before I get a console (three must be out already). With Wii U, it would be Splatoon, 2d Mario Wii U, Mario Kart 8, Zelda U, Donkey Kong: Tropical Freeze, Nintendo Land, and maybe Hyrule Warriors. With game consoles going cloud and its low install base, I expect Wii U to become a collector’s item anyway one day.

And no, I am never, ever going to touch that turd called Wind Waker HD. *shivers in horror* They might as well port the CD-i Zelda games to HD if they are porting Zelda failures.

Here’s looking to Splatoon goodness… Love the theme, rock and roll, just as video games used to be about…



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