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Email: I found a Forbes article that paints Nintendo exactly how you see them on your blog.. as without the Game God journalist crapI

I thought it was funny how they still thought they were gonna sell 9 million Wii u’s I’m guessing they were hoping New Super Mario Bros to hit 10 mIllion like it did on Wii.  Problem is you can’t give it a B team budget and expect people to bite. I hope they keep the series going, but get rid of the “NEW” theme already and bring it in another direction for god’s sake!

The guy to blame is Tezuka as Miyamoto has put him in charge of all Side scrolling games like Yoshi’s Island.  He oversaw Tropical Freeze I believe, but honestly the stuff we saw in Donkey Kong needs to come to Mario. If you ever get a Wii u and play Tropical Freeze I personally think you will enjoy it.

Its a very Challenging like NES platformers, and the production is top notch if you liked Returns on Wii u this one is even better! Brutal but not as brutal as returns is near the end.


I remember this when it came out. I think Iwata sticking to the forecast was really Iwata having faith in Miyamoto thinking it would succeed.

I’m really pissed off what has been done with the Mario series. 2d Mario is being intentionally castrated and relegated to B or C tier for the ‘new hires’ and sent out at launch to die (because Nintendo didn’t know how to do HD despite half a decade of watching their competitors do it). Notice how Nintendo never thought Wii U not selling at first wasn’t a problem? The reason why is because the *real* Mario game didn’t come out. And we all know what the *real* Mario game is…. 3d Mario. Miyamoto has been on a fool’s quest to make 3d Mario more accessible so everyone will like 3d Mario. Many of the things people have been wanting for years, nay, decades in a 2d Mario like more Giant World, the Tanooki Suit, and playing Princess Peach like in SMB 2 were purposefully not done so they could be saved for 3d Mario. Remember Miyamoto’s quote?


“Originally, I thought it would be nice if we could have Princess Peach in there as a playable character,” he said through a translator, “but in fact, the Toad characters have a physical that’s a little bit closer to Mario and Luigi. In particular, if we had one character ou of the four that wore a dress, we would have to have special processing and programming to handle how the skirt is handled within the gameplay.”


This is an outright lie. The NES could handle Peach’s skirt just fine and the Wii couldn’t?

Where was Peach in NSMB U then which DOES have more processing power?

Explaining Peach’s appearance in Mario 3d World, Miyamoto says she was included because of ‘fan requests’. Apparently, fan requests only apply to 3d Mario. 2d Mario never gets fan requests. Hell, they didn’t even give us a new game for 16 fucking years.

Shigeru Miyamoto is lying straight to everyone’s faces. What a turd.

Anyway, lack of my posting is due to being full time worker and full time student. Very difficult to manage.



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