Posted by: seanmalstrom | February 1, 2015

People are now realizing just how bad Wii U’s trailer and concept are

It was atrocious when it came out. I had never seen a worse console launch video… until Xbox One that was.

At 1:15 I always break out laughing when they introduce the ‘dog’ and show the 3d model of the dog slowly spinning. Hahahahahahahaha.

It just amazes me how there are so many ‘so called’ smart people in these corporations that are soooo stupid. How can you launch consoles, that are billions of dollars worth of investments and revenue, to this? What gets me is how non-gaming both these console launches are. It is like no one wants to be for the gamer.

Sony won Generation 8 because it stuck up for the gamer. Nintendo won Generation 7 because it stuck up for the gamer while Microsoft and Sony were doing Blu-Ray/HD-DVD and various junk.

Game consoles are about gaming. Who would have thought!?



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