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Master Malstrom,
Pardon for the interruption, but here’s something you might want to look at.
Several notable aspects are how people keep comparing the game to Team Fortress 2, when Scott Mercer already mentions the team looking outside the sole context of FPS in order to design the game, hoping to create a genre busting title by focusing on things the FPS genre lacks (*cough* more Blue Ocean and Disruption *cough*). While the author is quite open-minded in his approach, it’s the comments that take the cake: people are complaining about “another MOBA” and “another TF2 wannabe”. Hardcores never cease to amuse me.


I don’t feel Overwatch. Then again, I’m not a fan of Team Fortress 2. I think this game is going to be a dud. (I also despise Winston. I don’t see Winston, I see Beast from X-Men.)

Yeah, that is Beast, not Mr. Winston. Damn, that intro is so good. That theme! Damn. Overwatch seems like such a bore.

Blizzard is going out of its roots with this. Blizzard’s roots are not multiplayer but strategy. Even with their SNES games, there was a type of strategy to theme. Lost Vikings wasn’t the typical platformer. Real Time Strategy was strategic. RPGs have a strategy interweaving in them. MMORPGs and Action RPGs are why WoW and Diablo succeeded. Hearthstone blew up because it was a strategy game that people wanted. It was pure strategy too. No real-time in it. This doesn’t mean Overwatch doesn’t have strategy in it, but I haven’t heard any talk of strategy. I have heard talk of ‘shooter’ and such.

What I really want is a Blizzard turn-based strategy game such as Civilization, Master of Orion, or Heroes of Might and Magic. And I want them playable on modern computers and on tablets. There is definitely a Blue Ocean potential there.

Overwatch? Meh.

The Internet’s multiplayer giving abilities are THE REASON behind the rise of Blizzard. Modem play for the success of Warcraft 1. Kali for Warcraft 2. for Diablos, Starcraft, and Warcraft 3. Broadband is a big reason for World of Warcraft being so successful.

Now, I feel the Internet is the great bane of Blizzard. All of Blizzard’s games now must be on the Internet, you cannot ‘own’ the game. All Blizzard games must be designed around ‘online multiplayer’. The third Starcraft 2 expansion is likely the last single player portion of a Blizzard game we will ever see again.

If I were Blizzard, I would start to look at other ways to make games that did not rely entirely on the Internet. The Internet, being a mass medium, is only twenty years old. It will not always be the mass medium. Surprised? Things change in Computer Land.

The rumors of remasters of the Warcraft trilogy is something I would buy. But I want STRATEGY. Give me a Warcraft styled Civilization game or Starcraft styled Alpha Centauri game. Give me more strategy.

The best way I can word my criticism at current Blizzard games (and why I don’t play them) is that they feel like the games are playing me instead of the other way around. I feel like I am in a hamster wheel. They don’t feel like games anymore but psychologically designed digital soma release devices.

Minecraft is more fun than anything Blizzard has made in the last ten years.



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