Posted by: seanmalstrom | February 8, 2015

Email: Nintendo’s health stuff

I’m worried that you’re right.  It looks like Nintendo will try to use these new health devices to bail out the gaming portion of the company, similar to Microsoft.  That way Nintendo developers can keep doing what the hell they want.

This bothers me: “Nintendo believes health care is a way it can reclaim customers.”

Aside from Wii Fit (which was, in fact, a game), why would a health device reclaim video game customers?  If you were so concerned with retaining customers, Nintendo, why did you make the Wii U and stab Wii owners in the back?  Why did you shove more Toon Link and 3D Mario down our throats?

I think these devices need to fail so that Nintendo is forced to focus on gaming.


Who are these customers? Maybe they see the health devices as a way to get people in gaming? Nah.

For a Japanese company, health care is an important industry since the entire country is pretty much dying off. If Nintendo reclaimed their patriotism, they would be reintroducing Love Hotels so the Japanese can reproduce their population.



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