Posted by: seanmalstrom | February 16, 2015

Generation 9 Nintendo handheld will tell us about the direction of the company

There really isn’t much to say about Generation 8 at this point. I don’t see anyone doing ‘well’. Microsoft’s Xbox One is a disaster. Nintendo’s Wii U and 3DS are disasters. Sony’s PS4 isn’t a disaster but the Vita is. I don’t hear about any truly amazing games going on (like a Wii Sports or GTA 3). Gaming has been pretty boring despite the second year of Xbox One and PS4.

I know people tune in here to find out where Nintendo is going. I don’t know at this point. Wii U seems to be having nothing more than fan service at this point. What does surprise me is the New 3DS with Nintendo making games that can only be played on that hardware. Why go that step? Unless they think Xenoblade port of the hardlycores will get them to buy such new hardware. Nintendo’s 3DS is done. As is the Wii U.

Splatoon is gonna bomb. The more I find out about the game, the worse it gets.

There’s a huge problem arising on the Nintendo platform that not even Nintendo is aware of at the moment. I was seriously thinking of buying a Wii U. It has a 2d Mario, a 2d Donkey Kong, Mario Maker, Mario Kart 8, and some other interesting games (Hyrule Warriors). What compels me to purchase Nintendo hardware again is that Nintendo stuff can become collectibles. What this means for me is that I would rather buy it full price today instead of full price or more for a used version of that hardware or software.

But I do not think Nintendo software will become collectible anymore. The reason why is due to the digital re-releases. So what if I miss a Wii U game? Nintendo will re-release it one day on a future console. It’s not like any of the software really needs the Gamepad.

I keep getting the sense that Nintendo is in an alternate dimension (which we might as well call Nintendo Land). In Nintendo Land, Nintendo believed NSMB U would hit the impact around that NSMB Wii did. It didn’t. Why? Because fans of the game aren’t retro gamers, they’re futuristic gamers. 2d platforming simply ages better than the alternatives and is better to collect down the road.

It’s a mystery to me why Nintendo never got aggressive and went after Minecraft. I’m sure in Nintendo Land, having Shovel Knight checked off a box somewhere. But that isn’t the game classic gamers wanted. It would have been Rogue Legacy which only Sony approached for. I don’t know what world Nintendo is in, but they are missing games they should have on their system. It’s like they don’t care.

And they may not care. In Nintendo Land, Nintendo may have just thrown in the towel already and think “We need to come out of the gate strong when the console launches”. Wii, after all, came out strong. But if the 3DS and Wii U teaches us anything, it is that Nintendo doesn’t understand why the DS or Wii were successful.

More frightful is that Nintendo DOES understand why they were successful and doesn’t want such success again. “Why would you say that, Malstrom?” It was success away from Nintendo’s vision of Gamecube-esque gaming. 3d Mario and Aonuma Zelda did not become more popular with DS and Wii. They became less popular. To someone like Miyamoto, that may be seen as a step back since the entire idea is to get everyone to like the games Nintendo would prefer to make.

Aonuma says he is retiring soon. I hope that Nintendo is putting the guy out to pasture. He took the Zelda franchise, which was at the height of any game series ever after Ocarina of Time, of cartridges made in gold, and he destroyed the franchise. Zelda is no longer cool. Other fantasy games have become far more popular such as Skyrim. There was no market excitement for Wind Waker, the DS Zeldas, Skyward Sword, and such. The only thing people get excited for in an Aonuma game is that the Zelda game will be like a pre-Aonuma game (original Zelda, Ocarina of Time, Zelda 2, LTTP, or such). If Aonuma got on Nintendo Direct and said, “Oh boy guys! Here comes a bunch of puzzles!” no one would get excited. But open world Zelda? Open world Zelda is Classic Zelda. Zelda was the GTA of video games before GTA came around.

Zelda needs different cooks instead of just Aonuma. I prefer Nintendo retiring Aonuma instead of retiring Zelda.



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