Posted by: seanmalstrom | February 17, 2015

Aonuma agrees with Malstrom. As a result, Malstrom has suspended himself.

Oh no! Look at what Aonuma has to say:

When I first showed off the new Zelda game on the Wii U, it seemed everyone was very excited and started proclaiming that a Zelda game had at last become open world! Zelda games have always allowed you to roam and explore a huge world.

Alas, Aonuma agrees with me. Has the entire world gone crazy!? Is Aonuma going to then say that Zelda also has had RPG elements to it (such as getting one sword and getting a better sword)? Is Aonuma going to say that it is NORMAL for Link to have a sword?

I cannot take this craziness. What is next? Is Sakamoto going to say that Metroid is not about Samus’s maternal instincts?

No. I cannot believe it. As a result, I am hereby suspending myself from my website for the next few days. I require this suspension to think over what has occurred and re-examine what I’m doing. Most webmasters would never suspend themselves from their own websites, but Malstrom has standards above and beyond the gaming rabble.

I will punish myself and think long and hard over what has happened here tonight.



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