Posted by: seanmalstrom | February 17, 2015

Email: Amiibo as market research

Hello Master,
sorry my english, it’s not my natural language!
What’s your opinion about Amiibo’s use as a market reseach?
for instance, the Link amiibo (not the Toon Link) is the number one amiibo worldwide (Americas, Japan, Europe)!


I’m getting several emails about this. I think the Amiibo is an example of Nintendo selling carts but now realizing it needs to sell horses. The Amiibo is the cart. The horse is the game that utilizes the Amiibo. Link is popular Amiibo because many games use that Amiibo such as Hyrule Warriors. All these Amiibos need to do something, but Nintendo doesn’t make enough games. So Nintendo is trying to make these Virtual Console ‘challenges’ for the Amiibos because they have nothing else.

Maybe I should get into the figurine business myself. I thought about selling a Malstrom Figure including a portal. When you visit this page, you would place the Malstrom Figure onto the portal and more words would appear! It would be glorious! Unfortunately, market testing showed that young women would instantly buy all the Malstrom Figures, and they were never placed on the portal (you don’t want to know where they were placed). As a result, I have canceled my ambitious line of Malstrom Amiibo/Figurine Merchandise.

Above: If Malstrom became a figurine, he would prove to be too distracting to a certain demographic of the market.



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