Posted by: seanmalstrom | February 17, 2015

Email: Yes crusader kings is that good

Hello master malstrom!

Crusader kings is really, really awesome. I can only describe it by telling you what I have been able to accomplish in my campaigns so far. During my campaign as the vikings of Svitjord, I spent my time raiding europe and kidnapping christian princesses, whom I then used to get heirs which had claims on european titles. Instead of converting to christianity, I reformed the norse pagan religion into an organized religion, and then founded the empire of unified Scandinavia. With my new power, I declared pagan crusades on Britain and Frace which were successful. When raiding rome with my new powerful armies, I ended up capturing the POPE, whom I of course immediately sacrificed in a blòt ceremony to Odin.

In my new campaigns, I play as a zoroastrian lord who is trying to throw out the muslim invaders from Persia, and rebuild the zoroastrian persian empire. I am also playing as a Byzantine emperor with dreams of reunifying the roman empire, wich hasn’t gone too well because a succession crisis fractured my empire into little tiny states, and my time has been spend declaring de-jure wars to unify my empire again.

It’s a time-consuming game, but man is it fun.


Long time reader

It’s currently 75% off at Steam for $10 (normally $40). Seems to have held its value well for being several years old (not even counting the DLCs and expansions. All together it is $150!!!!

I would get it, but I’m about to disappear into Heroes of the Storm.




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