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Rogue Legacy stands equal to the classics

What do you see, reader?

This company doesn’t know how to market its own game. Too much emphasis on the fart jokes, the different diseases the children have, scary looking 2d gameplay that looks very difficult and not fun, and no communication of why the game is not just addictive but The. Metroidvania. Of. This. Generation.

Do you like this game?

Ghouls and Ghosts sales flyer.png

Then you will like Rogue Legacy.

Do you like this game?

Castlevania SOTN PAL.jpg

Then you will like Rogue Legacy.

Do you like this game?

Zelda II: The Adventure of Link

Then you will like Rogue Legacy.

Do you like this game?


Then you will like Rogue Legacy.

“But Malstrom, I don’t like any of those games.”

Then get off my blog you philistine! You have no taste!

Rogue Legacy is satisfying many an itch of those who like the games above. Instead of doing the same old thing, Rogue Legacy uses modern technology (not doing the NSMB thing) and does its own spin on things. In this case, it is the randomized dungeon.

Rogue Legacy also gets described wrong by everyone. They keep saying it is like a Rogue game such as Binding of Isaac. I can’t stand Binding of Isaac or most rogue games. The reason why is because I hate having no progress. In games like Risk of Rain, your ‘progress’ is that you unlock more ‘stuff’ that makes the next game more interesting. But that is your entire progress is just unlocking more variables (which should have been unlocked to begin with).

Rogue Legacy has created a new form of RPG called the Generational RPG. Instead of upgrading the stats of one individual, you upgrade the stats of your entire genetic line. If you upgrade your health, then the next individual in line will have that boost. Rogue Legacy is easy in the same way all RPGs are easy. You can OUTLEVEL the content if you choose to do so. How hard you want to make the game is up to you. I am old so I prefer to outlevel the content.

And that is all you need to know as description. Rogue Legacy is an RPG where you upgrade your family line. Death is permanent to that individual, but not to the family line. The sheer amount of gameplay in this title is extremely impressive. Aside from the randomly generated castle, you have as variables…

…upgrades from your keep which has the usual suspects (increased armor, attack, crit chance, etc.) as well as more unusual ones (new classes, better gold gain…)

…different classes from mages to knights to miners (who suck but get tons of gold and can see where all the chests are on unexplored map screen) to ninjas to a class that just flies and so on)

…weapon and armor upgrades (not just static upgrades. Some decrease but have vampirism. Some focus more on magic, some more on armor)

…runes (which are like buffs. You can activate five at a time. They range from double jumping to speed to even decreasing or increasing the difficulty of the game. You could have five jump runes so you could jump in the air five times. There is even a rune that acts like Peach’s float from SMB 2 in there)

The only negative of the game is that it can get grindy (like all RPGs). The solution is to change out your runes,and you’ll have a different experience. Also, take a break and come back. Rushing to level yourself up can turn sour.

When you complete the game, you have New Game +. Beat that, and you have New Game ++. Then New Game +++. You get the idea.

The game’s ending is inspired from Super Mario World.

So if you have a controller to your PC and you like the games above, you should get this game. Oh, and one more thing…

If you like this…

Demon's Souls Cover.jpg

…then you should get Rogue Legacy.

Rogue Legacy was named 2d Demon Souls during its development. People say Rogue Legacy is hard, but it is not. You can outlevel the content like in any RPG. Arguably, it is the easiest 2d platformer ever because you cannot outlevel the content in Ghouls and Ghosts, Super Metroid, or other games. However, you will be underleveled in Rogue Legacy. If you go where you shouldn’t, you will feel overwhelmed by the monsters. This is no different than in the Old School RPGs where the stronger monsters forced you back.

Don’t let the cheesy graphics fool you. Rogue Legacy puts a hell of a ton of gameplay in such a package, so much that Kohler thought that publishers should be scared of Rogue Legacy.



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