Posted by: seanmalstrom | February 20, 2015

Heroes of the Storm is a gigantic mess

Here is the no BS encounter one will have to Heroes of the Storm. I have spent most of my time with the game in dealing with it’s non-optimized buggy mess. Errors everywhere. Bugs everywhere.

It started off with the nvidia bug where the entire game field is black. All I hear is Uther in the void. So that had to be fixed. Then, I was wondering why Warcraft 3 hero movement and fighting seemed so smooth and awesome while this seemed slow, sluggish and crappy. The answer was that even though you might have a 64 bit Windows, Heroes is only truly playable in 32 bit mode. Switch to 32 bit mode (via the Bnet launcher) and wow the game actually moves some. In fact, I guarantee you that most of the noobs and baddies aren’t actually bad, they are probably trying to play Heroes in 64 bit mode and have 15 FPS. The problems didn’t end for me. I had to alter the refresh rate of my monitor and match it to that in the game. I had to turn off that Windows Memory thing because it kept freaking out over a video driver.

The worst of it all is that Heroes is roasting my video card. I was wondering why my computer kept crashing and needed a hard reboot. I checked the temperatures and, geez, it gets hot. I can only currently play after one game because the video card will be at 90 degrees C and will keep climbing. Because of the hardware issues, I haven’t played against humans yet.

One surprising thing about Heroes is that the hero you may like might be the hero you least expect. I’m really digging Sonya even though everyone hates her. Perhaps it helps that I was watching Spartacus before playing her. I did get Lili to level 5 and thought I was going to go insane. The issue isn’t being a heal bot. The issue is being a heal bots to idiots.

Is the game fun? The verdict is out on that. Heroes is like two games. You have what you think it is, then you have the hamster wheel RPG system as another. You do not just level up. Oh, no, that is so 20th century thinking there. Here, in the glorious year of 2015, we have not one experience bar but thirty five of them. Each hero levels. Hero leveling will unlock more talents, give you gold, unlock horses, and ultimately the Master Skin at level 10. Level 5 gives 500 gold which is why everyone stops at 5. They get the gold and move on to another hero.

Question: is the game fun because of the gameplay or because of filling up experience bars? I still don’t know yet. Blizzard has created a system to strongly encourage you, with much free gold at the beginning, to invest yourself into the system by buying a hero or two. Then there will be no more gold.

Gold is very difficult to come by. You get 30 gold for winning games (20 for losing). 50 gold for winning if you team up with someone on your friend’s list. The cheapest hero is 2000 gold. Most are around 7000. You can get gold from leveling up heroes and yourself, but doing daily quests also nets you some gold.

Advice: never buy any hero at first. Instead, get them all to level 5, and you will find any one you desire to still play once the free rotation is passed will be one that you should buy. If I still want to play Sonya after the Free Rotation, maybe I should buy her. You don’t have to buy any heroes since nearly all of them are given free rotation.

Ahh, I see my video card has now cooled down. Time to go at it again. And, btw, I love the Haunted Mines. Players that don’t are just weak sauce nancy boys.



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