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Email: Narrative of women and gaming


You really nailed it – just like the Gamasutra blogger – that the games industry keeps rewriting it’s own history, but what you did not nail,
was why did the feminists attack you. While it is true that some people make money from grievance and that narrative says there needs to be
grievance, you had the wrong narrative.

Back in the 80’s, or even 70’s, when the fall of communism (or Soviet Union) was apparent, the Western European communists started looking for
a new home that they found in the Green movement. Between mid-80’s and mid-90’s, the Green movement was taken over by former communists, effectively forming the Red-Green movement of today that appears to be some sort of neo-communism, that, due to it’s nature, have expanded upon feminism, sexual and racial issues.

Today’s neo-communistic narrative attacks the perceived power structure, that is the patriarchal western capitalism lead by white heterosexuals –
and everything that does not fit the definition, is the victim of white heterosexual capitalism. In the narrative, there’s no individuals but
only groups based on ethnicity, sex or social status for example, and your right (or responsibility) is to either victimise yourself or oppress the
victimised people.

Looking at why you were attacked, it was because of pointing out that women can succeed, which is a paradox according to the narrative, that
means you must have a racist and sexist agenda, so they need to destroy you. It is the same people that attack you for the shale oil. For the
narrative says there’s enough oil only for the next two decades or so – and besides, cheap energy promotes individualism that’s paradoxal as well.
This is also why the “Gamergate” existed in the first place: the two ambitious females refused to victimise themselves (that is good because
victimising means permanent end for their success), so they were attacked by “both sides”, one “because they could” and another to put the girls back
in line. This stuff just keeps repeating itself over and over for whatever reason.

If you look at Western Europe how populism and/or right-wing politics have been on the rise in different countries, it’s usually one election
behind the rise of Red-Green movement.

Why isn’t neo-communism about proletariat you ask? It is because in the western world the proletariat consists largely of white males that make
money for the capitalist of the same skin colour.


There is an excellent book that Eisenhower made popular by mentioning it called ‘The True Believer‘ by Eric Hoffer. He solves the problem as to why a group of people went from believing in Nazism, to believing in Communism, to then believing in Anti-Communism. The idea of the mass movement is not the movement itself but the mass. Those who cannot claim excellence for themselves desire to lose themselves in a mass movement (of any political stripe).

A few days ago on a college campus, the cafeteria, at lunch hour, had ‘speakers’ talking about how bad women have in America and how society must change. The next day, I was forced to listen to a lecture by a woman who had a doctorate in child education (yes, a PHD in children’s education) about how the world is overpopulating, we’re all going to run out of resources, and that we are all going to die unless SOMETHING IS DONE. In this latter example, I asked the wrong questions. A resource is the product of the human mind. It does not come from the Earth. Resources historically get more plentiful. Fracking alone has made natural gas infinite in the US and the price of oil has already crashed. There is too much oil on the market. The political problem of many nations is depopulation with the birth rate falling below replacement level. This ‘doctor’ was wrong on everything.

Besides, children need to learn reading, writing, and arithmetic. They do not need to know that THE WORLD IS GOING TO EXPLODE due to overpopulation or some other doomsday. They’re just children. They need to worry about cleaning their room and enjoying their youth. Only an evil person would try to take the joy of childhood away from children.

Life really is about making money and enjoying it. If you cannot do that, then you will want to claim cause to some ‘mass movement’.

BTW, speaking of PAX East, did you see that fat short haired ugly woman Blizzard announced for Overwatch?

Gross! It certainly doesn’t make me want to play the game.

I think an enterprising producer made a TV show called ‘Freaks and Geeks’ that would use ‘normal people’. The hope was that normal people would associate with people who look as ugly as they are. What actually happened was low ratings. As the cardinal rule of this website, it is about being interesting. Beautiful people are more interesting than normal or ugly people.

People complaining about video game characters is like complaining about Pixar characters. They are all digital. They aren’t ‘real’! I think Lara Croft is one of the greatest strokes of genius the Game Industry ever had. Since digital means they can do anything they want, why not make a woman who has the perfect body? Even better, that woman will never age. In fact, Lara Croft gets better looking over time due to advances in technology. She is everything a real woman is not. Now, I find this funny, and no man takes Lara Croft or any other video game character seriously. Putting in ugly people into video games is not going to make anyone happy. What will happen next is that “Blizzard hasn’t gone far enough. Why isn’t she a lesbian?” If Blizzard makes her a lesbian, then “Where are the Transexuals? Why is she just with one girl? Why not two?” And on and on it will go.

It is amazing how video games has been fine for decades until… all of a sudden… it became sexist. To translate for younger readers, there is an old joke of why women close their eyes during sex. The reason is because they cannot stand to see a man happy. Video games make men happy and keep many of them away from women. Of course, it is going to be attacked.



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