Posted by: seanmalstrom | March 10, 2015

Heroes of the Storm fun

First off, this guy needs to get a real job… (What it is showing is that he has leveled every hero to the game to max level…)

I haven’t played MOBAs too much. I get a kick out of the teenagers who play the game. They are all pro-league quality players… you see… but there is always that one guy… yes YOU or someone else… that is keeping them from their pro-league E-sports fame. One game I had during Quick Match had our team up by two levels until around level 20 when the other team caught up. “Oh noes…” whined the gazlowe. “It always starts strong but you stupid casuals ruin it.” The opposing team eventually got a level ahead. Then we won the game.

Being part of the ‘other four’ that get blamed for every loss yet ignored due to some guy’s genius for a win makes me feel like Nintendo’s Marketing Department. hahahahaha

During a co-op game, I had a kid begin to fling around his DOTA vocabulary. He started telling everyone orders and all. It is so very important… you see… because we were battling bots.

At another time during a co-op, a teammate actually said… “OMG, why does the other team pick such a terrible combination of heroes?” I answered back: “…because they are computers.” The desire for self-superiority is hilarious. Those damned bots! How dare they pick terrible heroes! hahaha

The best advice I can give for Heroes, it being more team orientated than either DOTA or League of Legends, is to stick with your team. Heroes truly is a game where united you stand, divided you fall.

I actually think the experience and gold gains help add to the toxicity. Everyone is farming for their gold and experience. You get more if you win. I am not a fan of this gold and experience grind.

I think I need to find… or make… a clan of people over 30 to play with. These children I cannot stand.

Do you know what one of the biggest disappointments I ever had in gaming, reader? It was when World of Warcraft came out. I said: “Finally! Here is a game where children cannot ruin. The credit card fee barrier prevents kiddies from joining us.” Oh, how wrong I was! Enter Barrens chat. Enter all the other crap.



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