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Why is Sylvanas so popular?

Apparently, this must be explained to The Internet. The explanation will even shock Blizzard. It is so simple.

Sylvanas is sexualized as the Perfect Man.

In fiction, truth cannot be easily displayed. Like attracts like. But we flip the genders around.

OK, I see I have already lost the reader. Let me use a more concrete example: chick flicks. Every chick flick has a guy who pines for some woman who he thinks is out of his league. He then submits to her totally. He tells her his feelings, buys her gifts, tries to make her happy, and then she suddenly ‘discovers’ him and they live happily ever after.

Some men think acting like these men will be the key to women’s hearts. It is actually the opposite. It repulses women. They then become confused.

If you flip the genders around, the truth emerges. You have a woman pining for some out-of-reach alpha male, she submits totally, tells feelings, tries to win his love, and he then ‘notices’ her. Women love chick flicks and associate themselves with the man, not with the woman, in the films. Of course, that man tends to be fairly handsome or confident at least until the end of the film.

In the fiction-for-men, the women are actually Perfect Men. It is how men desire to be. Of course, the women are hot and show off their bodies. But that makes the illusion even more fun because the guys love her personality and her body. It is a man in a woman’s skin.

Again, I sense I am losing the reader. Just look at the Sylvanas trailer:

Watch the same trailer and replace Sylvanas female gender with a male gender. What do you get? You get the Perfect Man. As a High Elf, Sylvanas dies in a blaze of glory defending her motherland in a very Viking type fashion. This, alone, qualifies her for godhood in the male pantheon. However, she becomes a slave as an undead and then creates a slave rebellion. Sylvanas is both Davy Crockett and Spartacus.

In the above video from Cataclysm, it shows Sylvanas ‘solving the problem of reproduction’ for her tribe. Angel-like creatures ‘animate’ the people. This is very Apollonian and completely not Dionysian if one wants to play with the Nietzsche. In the video, Sylvanas is talking military strategy.

Sylvanas also is alone and gets attacked by everyone which is why men feel empathy for her. She is unfairly called a ‘bitch’ by Garrosh in that video. Thrall, meanwhile, becomes a type of green Jesus.

What is most endearing about Sylvanas is her theme song. Music always plays a part in a video game appeal. Always. Her song is the beautiful Lament of the Highborne.

Fans do associate the song with her. Here is a hype trailer from the reddit Heroes forum anticipating Sylvanas by taking prior blizzcon footage of her:

Men and women love very differently. The song is about Sylvanas’s love for her missing sisters. Switch the genders. Then you have a man singing of his missing brothers. Saving Private Ryan was a male romance movie. If you’ve ever seen combat soldiers weep for their missing brothers, it is a sort of love there you don’t see with women. But a man would feel ridiculous expressing himself in a song which is why a female shape must do it (for the same reason in chick flicks why the partner submitting must take the shape of a man).

Sylvanas is a sex object, but she is popular because she appeals to the non-banal sexuality. (Samus Aran is another such candidate as she is the blonde Britomart in her armor.) If Sylvanas had a boyfriend or was submissive, it would destroy her character. She is not waiting on any man. That character would be Jaina who more of a joke to the WoW fanbase. Sylvanas, though, is… revered. I don’t think any Warcraft character can equal hers. Sylvanas is not an evil character. She is dealt a shit hand and she plays it for what she can. Every man understands this.

Modern society is full of lies about sexuality and gender. The only way we enjoy the truth is by swapping the genders around. Also, we swap around darkness and light because we can’t handle the directness. What happens when you switch it? The beautiful Dark Lady Archer becomes the beautiful archer of the light. The masculine ideal in mythology. Apollo.



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