Posted by: seanmalstrom | March 14, 2015

BBB agrees with Malstrom, gives Valve Corporation a giant F

The Better Business Bureau gave the Valve Corporation an F for customer service. To those Valve Corporation useful idiots who say things like ‘Gaben’ or ‘In Gabe we trust’, you cannot defend this.

What is even better is that on the BBB page, it actually says VALVE CORPORATION. It Does. Not. Say. Valve.

There is no Valve.

The Valve is a lie.

It is only Valve Corporation.

When you say Valve, always address it as ‘Valve Corporation’. It is not only the correct name, it reminds everyone that the Valve Corporation is a corporate business entity and not a ‘Gabe Fan Club’.

Do you know the real reason why the Valve Corporation got a F from the BBB? The only reason why customer service is poor is if the company doesn’t care about customers. And Valve Corporation does not give a damn about its customers.



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