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Email: About the new Overwatch character

WTF did I just watch? Seriously, if I was trying to make a parody of what an Overwatch character designed to appease the SJWs would look like I could not come up with a hambeast like that. But what I find more interesting is the reactions Blizzard is getting for her: normal people are just like “WTF is this shit?” while the SJWs have found new things to complain about. Why are there no black people in Overwatch? This is still a stereotype. Why are the women wearing swimsuits? (Seriously, did they ever see a swimsuit in real life?) It’s a comedy that writes itself. Blizzard tried to appease people who can never be satisfied. In the end no one will respect Blizzard for that decision. If you want some laugh turn on your ad blocker and go read the comments on Kotaku. Or read the archived link.
“I am nothing like those other guys, look, I have cut my balls off”

Speaking of the character, why does the hambeast have an Eastern European accent? Talk about being out of touch with reality. And neon-dyed hair and tattoos? Come on. I did have to chuckle though that one of her abilities is to create some sort of gravity well.


We’ll all see how this comes about when the game comes out. I’m expecting it to be F2P.

My rule with Blizzard games is to try them all even if they look unappetizing. I remember thinking, “This World of Warcraft think looks stupid. Who would be so dumb to pay $15 just to play a game? Oh, it is Stress Test so everyone can try it. I might as well give it a try.” When WoW released, I drove to the nearest Wal-Mart at midnight to pick it up (Wal-Mart was the only game store opening at midnight). Bizarrely, other guys were coming in just like I was AT MIDNIGHT. Then we hit another Wal-Mart. Nothing there. Then went to another one. Got some of the last copies of the game. I played until I passed out. Then started the most unhealthiest addiction I’ve ever had to a video game. Ahh Vanilla WoW. I learned that a video game can become ‘too good’.

Usually with Blizzard products, I tend to go ‘aww, it sucks. Blizzard is losing its way’. I said this when Starcraft 1 was released (hahahaha). “Man, Warcraft 2 was so much cooler!” hahaha Starcraft Brood War made the game much better and I ‘grew’ into it. I was disappointed with the radical changes they did with Warcraft 3, but it grew on me. Thought WoW was stupid but ended up loving it.

Ever since the Post-WoW, it seems to have flipped around. I start out liking the games and then growing ‘out’ of them. Starcraft 2 is awesome cool until you realize it is APM olympics. Diablo 3 is cool until you get to the endgame. Hearthstone never appealed to me (I never did get into Magic the Gathering) though I would rather play that than any other ‘mobile’ game.

I’ve never liked Team Fortress, so I doubt I could get into Overwatch. The game universe certainly doesn’t appeal to me. I still despise Winston. Putting in fat chicks doesn’t make me want to play the game.

I want a new IP from Blizzard that isn’t inspired from comic books. It’s bad enough that WoW style art has infiltrated both Diablo and Starcraft. I don’t want all their stuff to be like from comic books.

Guys I know at Blizzard say they really enjoy playing Overwatch and are getting ‘sucked in’ by the alpha. However, it is the habit of a game company to believe ‘all their babies are beautiful’. I’m content so long as they keep the fat women and apes-with-glasses in Overwatch and away from the other series.

Time for me to go back to Heroes of the Storm…





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