Posted by: seanmalstrom | March 14, 2015

Email: Nintendo’s – Youtube Creators Program

Hey Malstrom,

Don’t know if you’ve herd about this Creators Program from Nintendo, But it’s basically a way for Nintendo to get a cut of the ad revenue from you-tubers who do ‘Let’s Play’ videos like minecraft.

Anyways I wanted to hear your thoughts because personally i don’t think Nintendo (NOA or NCL) get YouTube I mean if you see their demands the channel has to ONLY! show 1st party Nintendo content if they want some revenue…? I mean thets like 99% of youtubers gone already, it’s like Warner brothers saying you can only review movies made by Warner Bros.

Another i the list for approved games list, do you notice how Smash bros. is completely nonexistent on the list, not just from Wii U but from N64, Gamecube, Wii and 3DS. practically every smash bros. game made you can’t include on your channel and make ad revenue on even though 3 of them are over 7 YEARS OLD AND AIN’T SELLING ANYMORE!! what a weird company (and whats with no Pikmin 2. you can play Pikmin 1-3, but no 2?)

Plus don’t they see all the lets play videos of minecraft they get millions of views i’m not saying YouTube will sell a game but it sure does bring it awareness.

Now I know it’s Nintendo’s IP and content but this is not movies or music this is video games. I would understand the copyrights if people start uploading movies and music to youtube (although the are a lot LOL) because they show the same content, same scenes, same dialog s, same lyrics but in videos games the people don’t play the same way they play very differently.

So I don’t know why Nintendo is making this program, i mean is the ad revenue going to lift them up to profit, other companies seem to not mind they use you tube to advertise their products YouTube is not as a source of income to them,instead it’s like a tool for them to make more money. Is it because Nintendo is Japanese and don’t use YouTube in japan like the west, or is it Nintendo still does not get the internet IN 2015!

Sorry for the rant,

It is User Generated Marketing. This is so badly done. Blizzard does it right at least among its community. Usually when a talent arises, Blizzard then aids them. Over the years though, I have seen most of such talent flame out. Day[9] for example, used to be The Guy for Starcraft 2 videos, but where does that leave him now?

The omission of Smash Brothers is very interesting.

Really? NES games are up there? Oh no, gotta monetize that Duck Hunt footage!



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