Posted by: seanmalstrom | March 16, 2015

Murky free week in Heroes

This should be interesting. It is fun being part of the beta because of seeing craziness like this.

For those who do not know, Murky is the absolute worst character in the Heroes roster. He is so terrible that in Heroes league, where they pick a hero one by one for each player, choosing Murky will create huge drama and is seen as a troll character. At Pax East, Blizzard said that Murky is dead last in win percentages.

Every week, about seven new heroes are available to play for free in Heroes. Murky has only been free for one rotation: back in August of 2014. I suppose this is Blizzard’s way to distract that there is no Sylvanas patch for this week by throwing Murky out there.

Murky’s art design reminds me of a Texas company’s mascot. Anyone who drives in Texas will recognize it.

Official logo for Buc-ee's, Ltd.jpg  

Since when did murlocs get beaver teeth?

Anyway, Buc-ees is pretty big in Texas, and you will see many cars (even people) having the sign of the beaver. Whenever I see Murky, I think Buc-ees. It is those front teeth and stupid expression.

Get hyped:

Above: I love how gamers can create such wonderful nonsense as this.



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