Posted by: seanmalstrom | March 16, 2015

Single player games still reign supreme

The sales of Skyrim were so shocking to the Game Industry because a conclusion was made that consumers just wanted multiplayer games. A game like Skyrim should not be selling as well as it should if this was the case (I don’t know the sales numbers but I know it is easily above 10 million well beyond Ocarina of Time’s sales). Clearly, Nintendo is taking notice. Zelda Wii U is open world and Aonuma playing Skyrim because of those massive sales.

Why is Majora’s Mask selling so much on the 3DS aside that it is being boosted by New 3DS sales? I think gamers are looking for meaty single player games to sink their teeth into. From what I hear from 3DS gamers, Link to Other Worlds type game was considered fun but disappointing in how easy it was. Ocarina of Time has a huge reputation with it that is attracting younger Zelda gamers. Majora’s Mask is probably also having a similar effect.

Pokemon has been selling a long time on handhelds. While it has multiplayer properties, it is mostly a single player RPG.

The desire for more Metroid is coming because people like meaty single player games.

I used to like 2d Mario because it was a meaty single player game. Now with the game design revolving around co-op, it isn’t as fun as it used to be.

As Miyamoto once said, some games should be multiplayer while some games should be single player. One game cannot satisfy everyone. However, my favorite games have been those who somehow magically was able to do both. Usually, it was a single player campaign with a multiplayer mode. Starcraft and Warcraft 2 and 3 are good examples of this. Star Control 2 is a fantastic example of an amazing single player game and amazing multiplayer. Bomberman’s multiplayer is legendary, but I also really enjoyed the single player game.

The demise of the single player game has been grossly exaggerated.

Sadly, outside the single player campaign of Legacy of the Void and the second Diablo 3 expansion, I doubt I’ll ever see meaty single player content from Blizzard again.

Nintendo should not abandon the concept of the ‘big box single player game’ as the rest of the Game Industry is doing.



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