Posted by: seanmalstrom | March 16, 2015

Why Starcraft 2 story will disappoint

“We intend to wrap up all the loose threads…”


When Paule Reiche III and Fred Ford were asked about why Star Control 3’s story wasn’t as good as 2 (another team did Star Control 3), it is because they said their error was to ‘wrap up all the loose ends’ (and that if they made Star Control 3, they would have answered some stuff but came up with new loose ends). You don’t do that in stories. Even Starcraft 1 didn’t wrap up its loose ends. What of the UED? What of those hybrids Zeratul found? What does Kerrigan do now on that space platform above Char? What of Arcturus Mengsk? No explanation.

It is better to have loose ends and leave them out there. The idea is to stimulate one’s imagination, not remove it. If the UED are shown in LoV, it would be a profound disappointment. Earth is better off in our imagination than in actually showing it.

After LoV and Diablo 3’s second expansion, I doubt Blizzard will ever put out another story experience game ever again. They’re just not good at it, and they are realizing it.

In Starcraft 1 and early Warcrafts, the story revolved around FACTIONS. With Starcraft 2, everything is revolving around a handful of people. It feels so lame.

Have you noticed that in the first game(s) where the focus is on ‘establishing a universe’, the imagination is actively stimulated. But when they try to ‘explain everything’ and ‘close up the loose ends’, the imagination is actively repressed.

I can’t see how LoV can end in any way that will make fans happy. In order to make fans happy, LoV needs to present new material and new content to inspire the imagination. Now, they did do this in part with the Purifiers (a robotic race).

Starcraft 3 might have four races if the Purifiers are successful in fans’ imagination.

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