Posted by: seanmalstrom | March 19, 2015

Email: NX = repackaged Wii U

The account system for NX is all well and good, but what about the rest of the system?

Handheld-NX hampers the controller potential of console-NX. Nintendo wants to be able to write a game for handheld-NX, and push a button to upscale it to console-NX. For that to work, the controllers have to be alike.

The power of handheld-NX will lie below Wii U since it’s a handheld. Console-NX will be more powerful but will rarely use that power in a substantial way, again to allow handheld porting.

NX for all intents and purposes is the same system as a Wii U, dragged even further down by handheld ports.
I know what I’m walking right into though. It’s like ‘Wii = repackaged gamecube’ all over again, right? I’m not too thrilled about NX from a classical hardware standpoint, but Nintendo starving everyone of an account system seems to have created an opening. A repackaged Wii U in 2017 will be very cheap as well, and not many bought a Wii U anyway.


We have no idea what NX is. Anyone who knows what NX is will not be legally bound to speak of it anyway. I doubt even Retro knows what NX is.

At least allow Nintendo to unveil the NX before judging it.



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