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Email: Writing Styles

Greetings, Legendary Malstrom
At some point I recommend that you make an article just on the subject of writing itself, looking at todays journalism theres a whole ton of cheap click bait, lazy “Top 6 reasons why” type articles, and naturally articles that are minimum more than a video ink.

We need more writers like you, writers that can bring up interesting subjects and write in a fairly straightforward style, I can’t tell you how many writing attempts I gloss over due to how “artsy” they attempt to describe things.

I don’t always agree with you, but you at least spare me time by keeping your articles fairly simple, you don’t have a word count to to match.

Its a bit needless to mention the dreadful writing that plagues todays media, lots of formulas, lots of drama, lots of dead parents, lots of in-depth back-stories, not enough actual “action”, and certainly not enough decent humor.

As newspapers go away, journalism standards also are going away. There is definitely a connection.

I was watching the latest Camille Paglia interview, and she described the decline of Salon. She said how in America, due to their being a two party system, you are either X or Y. The discussion is lost. The ideas are lost. If you are X, then Y is the evil and vice versa. She said how Salon’s founder used to believe in a mantra of ‘be interesting’ and what is interesting does not necessarily fit the confines of ‘X’ or ‘Y’.

There must be the structure to the mind but people keep trying to do this to gaming. Nothing I could write here could stop the avalanche of bad thought during the Seventh Generation when everyone wanted to go X and Y with CASUAL or HARDCORE. Yes, there are people who actually believed Iwata, president of a billion dollar company, issued a company of plan of ‘let’s go casual derp derp derp’ and that is how the Wii, DS, and all became born. There can be no dialogue because such people are prone to live in X vs. Y.

Before the Seventh Generation, we had Console Wars!!!. During Console Wars!!!, it was Sega Vs. Genesis, or Sony Vs. Nintendo or Microsoft vs. Sony or whatever. Gaming was getting lost in this vomit of thought.

Before the Fourth Generation, it was Video Games Vs. Everything. This one made the most sense since growing the market meant competing against everything else. Video games had to establish themselves.

I would accept casual vs. hardcore back in a heartbeat compared to what the X vs Y seems to be enveloping Generation 8 will be. It is the Social Justice vs. Gamergate type ‘war’ going on. I don’t think any gamer wants gaming to be material used for political propaganda of any kind. But is the solution to politicization to fight back in an opposite politicization? If you notice in America how every interest group has an equal and opposite interest group mirroring it. Either way, what becomes interesting becomes lost.

Video games are the intersection between technology and art where the person is a participant. It has an interesting history, interesting business ebb and flow, and the customers and developers are interesting. The mission of video games is to push back on the frontiers of boredom and tediousness on every front.

To answer your question, I think it is because people’s minds are structured in a X vs. Y ‘war’ of some kind. I know when I came on the scene, people thought I was a Nintendo fanboy. I am certainly a fan, but I know that is not what they meant. I’ve been here through the good Nintendo times (Generation 7) and bad Nintendo times (Generation 8). Interesting things can be found throughout.

Aside from barely updating this site, I do need to stop and spend whatever time here doing something else. I think I’ve been here so long simply because gaming is an escape. I do not watch sports so I do not have that traditional release valve. I still play games of some sort. Maybe I should go on vacation for a few years.




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