Posted by: seanmalstrom | March 19, 2015

Nintendo is going to where the kids are

What may have been forgotten in the 2005 Nintendo business strategy announcements is that Nintendo does keep a sharp eye on teenagers and the younger generations. Nintendo calls this the ‘pipeline’. Obviously, Nintendo wants the young person pipeline to be run through the gameboys, DSes, and various home consoles. It is also how Nintendo makes money off of nostalgia.

But children are increasingly on smartphones and tablets. They are growing up without Mario and the Mushroom Kingdom. They are not experiencing the Nintendo IPS.

When Nintendo says they expect the mobile games to help their dedicated game console sales, what they are doing is IP Awareness. While the mobile games are supposed to make money, their biggest job is to bring forth IP Awareness so they will buy a console (box) just to get to Mario.

In generations past, children were always in front of a TV. Put a game console there and BAM. They get into Mario. But now the TV is no longer there. Children are in front of smartphones and tablets now. Hence, the need for Nintendo to put their IP in front of them.

The big shift of Nintendo is a reaction to a shift in how we no longer use the TV as we once did.



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