Posted by: seanmalstrom | March 19, 2015

NX may be controller neutral

This image is useful in depicting exactly ‘what’ role NX is going to be. It is clearly to be a dedicated game system. Is it a handheld or home console? All we know is that it is ‘dedicated’.

What intrigues me is the larger circle. I think it is obvious that tablets, smartphones, and PCs may be used as ‘controllers’ for the NX. I’d much rather use a tablet I have to manipulate Mario’s blocks than the terrible touch screen in the Gamepad.

If Nintendo is making games and encircling a membership service to mobile and home PCs as well as 3DS and Wii U, why have the NX? We can easily rule out that the NX is…

…not a tablet.

…not a smartphone.

…not a PC.

…not an upgrade to 3DS.

…not an upgrade to Wii U.

NX may be a ‘successor’ to 3DS and Wii U as the Generation 9 console. Whatever NX is, it is clearly different enough from the 3DS and Wii U. We know the difference will be more than faster processor speeds and a better GPU.

There is some sort of ‘high concept’ that is defining the NX. High concept could mean anything. For the last couple of generations, the concept was the input. Is that what is going on here? I don’t think so. Why include PC on this list? No one uses PCs except older gamers like myself. Software on these other devices means that NX can use these other devices as controllers.

I’m guessing the high concept is related more to the output or as a nexus for all sorts of various platforms, inputs, and devices.

There will be much interest in Nintendo patents for the next few years.

The editing and music choice for this is still amazing. One big red flag that NX could be VR or something crazy is because Nintendo is not talking about it being ‘next generation’ or a 3DS or Wii U successor. Miyamoto and the rest are old. They want to do this.  Sony, Microsoft, and everyone else is doing VR. I wouldn’t be surprised if Nintendo did as well and have the mobile games pay for this little excursion.



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