Posted by: seanmalstrom | March 20, 2015

Gaming nerds are actually loved

I was leveling Falstad in Heroes to level 5 (he is free this week) when I realized that he is the same character presumed dead but brought back into the game thanks to Red Shirt Guy. Take a look.

This is classic. I don’t play WoW or haven’t in nearly a decade so I forgot that Falstad isn’t an obscure NPC. Hell, he is one of the first heroes in Heroes of the Storm. He was quite visible early on in Vanilla WoW. It is such an oversight for Blizzard to mistake he was dead. You can tell at the end of the video that both their faces getting red because they know they got owned.

In the next Blizzcon, Red Shirt Guy reappears (blizzard probably sent him back) so Chris could give him a hug. WTF? I guess he didn’t want to think there was any hostility in getting pwned by a red shirt guy.

Check out Red Shirt guy in 2013:

This is hilarious. Red Shirt Guy pwned the Blizzard developers more so than ever before. They kept throwing in excuses ‘uh trade winds!’ and then brought up Ulduar’s globes (Ulduar is a raid from Wrath of the Lich King). “No, the globe isn’t accurate either…” Red Shirt Guy adds in at the end. Damn. What he says makes a ton of sense. Why is the weather at the ‘south’ of that world so warm and hot? It doesn’t make sense unless that is the equator.

In 2014, Blizz dev goes: “Oh shit” when Red Shirt Guy appears. hahahahahahhaha

Now reader, you may ask, “Why is Red Shirt Guy loved while gaming nerds are constantly hated?” Red Shirt Guy is not being absurd. Asking detailed questions about WoW lore is perfectly acceptable and appropriate at Blizzcon’s WoW Lore Panel. Where else is he going to ask those questions? If he asked them in school, he might get beat up. But he is perfectly appropriate for his environment.

There is also something to be said for some innocent kid, using the product as intended, asking an innocent question and seeing, on Live TV, Blizzard devs failing. It is just hilarious.



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