Posted by: seanmalstrom | March 20, 2015

My horse is as fast as Tassadar’s Jet Mode

Ladies and gentlemen, let us have an example of marketing…

Ahh, new skins for Heroes which is still in Beta. There are 9 million Heroes players including those who had signed up for the beta. All are the potential customers.

The Sylvanas skins are showed off right before the character is released. This is hoping for people’s excitement for Sylvanas to be so overwhelming that they go and buy all the skins (or a presumed bundle). Sylvanas, herself, will cost $15 or about 15,000 gold. The skins will probably be $9.99 each aside from the Master Skin which will be 10,000 gold. Just from Sylvanas alone, Blizzard is going to get people to pay $40 or so.

The Murky bunny skin is obviously Easter timed.

The spider and wolf mounts are demonstrated in an interesting way. By placing Lili, the most innocent of Heroes, onto the spider, it makes the spider mount look that much ferocious due to the contrast between Lili and the spider. Nova, also a cutie, is placed on a wolf. The contrast between Nova and the wolf highlights the wolf and makes it look better than it actually is. If Diablo or Nazeebo were on these mounts, the mounts would not look as interesting.

The Tassadar mecha skin has already been available, and I’ve been curious why it was the only mount for $15. Apparently, it was put ahead of time and now all the other factors of the skin are put in. The Archon mode is placed in. Oh, and Tassadar can transform into a jet and FLIES AWAY FROM THE SCREEN. “OMG!” cries the reader and throws money at the screen.

Why didn’t Blizzard show the Jet in-game? It is because it looks ridiculous. My horse will go as fast as that jet. The jet will not be flying around like it was shown. The jet will just go from point a to point b like a horse mount.

There is much discussion on what is worth spending money on in Heroes and what is worth buying with gold. Many people get into debates. Some people think they are clever and go, “Spend money on the heroes but spend gold on Master Skins.” Too bad the Master Skins look like crap compared to skins you can buy.

After much deliberation on my part, I think the best way to go is to spend gold on heroes and spend money on skins. Newer skins will keep coming out and make your hero master skin look like crap. If you play a hero all the time, you may want a special skin. This also DELAYS real money spending until you are really into the game, such as when you have reached level 30 and are playing Hero League.

BTW, I met a hardcore Heroes of the Storm player on the street one day. Oh yes. He apparently owned his own business which consisted of hardcore gaming PCs inside a room where people could ‘rent’ like a cafe. All he did in his life was dedicated to gaming. “I have seven heroes to level 10,” he said with a sneer. Unfortunately for him, EXPERIENCE DOESN’T MATTER WORTH SHIT IN HEROES OF THE STORM. It only matters to unlock your talents and to unlock Hero and Team league. Experience has NO value.

Do you know why?

It is because you can BUY experience. Oh yes. You can buy ‘stim packs’ which increase your rate of experience. Why would anyone do this? It is because of psychological programming that makes them feel achievement when they fill up experience bars. “I fill up experience bars faster than you, I am more awesome.” No. You are simply a fool.



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