Posted by: seanmalstrom | March 21, 2015

Warcraft 3 heroes in Heroes of the Storm

Heroes of the Storm feels more like a spin-off from Warcraft 3 than Starcraft 2. Here are the Warcraft 3 heroes. Let us see who is represented:


Archmage is represented by Jaina. She does the blizzards and all.

Paladin is Uther obviously.

Mountain King is Muradin obviously.

Blood Mage is not in Heroes yet. Kael-thas will fill its kit most likely.

For Undead…

Death Knight is Arthas obviously.

Dreadlord is not in Heroes yet. We haven’t heard anything about a dreadlord or his kit of sleeping and melee.

Lich is not in Heroes yet. Some say Jaina has Lich’s kit with all the freeze slowing. Maybe. But I don’t think the Lich is represented yet.

Crypt Lord is Anu-barar or whatever is name is obviously.

For Orcs…

Blademaster is not in Heroes yet. This is a glaring oversight since Blademaster was the most popular War 3 hero. He has a big sword and makes himself invisible. Does Zeratul have his kit? No. Some think Grom will have Blademaster’s kit but I doubt it. Blademaster’s model is already in Heroes hidden in the data files.

Farseer is Thrall obviously.

Chieftan is ETC strangely. ETC has Chieftain’s kit with a rock vibe. I doubt we will see the Chieftain at all since ETC is a tauren and does everything the same.

Shadow Hunter is not in Heroes yet. This is an interesting omission. Shadow Hunter can heal and put out snakes that fire at the enemy. This will definitely be a support character.

For night elves…

Demon Hunter is obviously Illidan. But the kit is very different. Demon Hunter in War 3 was a tank. Illidan is more like a ninja in Heroes. Oh well.

Keeper of the Grove is Malfurion obviously. He has the Keeper’s kit.

Priestess of the Moon is Tyrande obviously.

Warden is not in Heroes yet. Tyrande has a Warden skin which is making everyone scared that the Warden isn’t slated to show up. That would be a damn shame since Maiv was a War 3 favorite.

For neutral heroes…

Alchemist is not in Heroes yet. I forgot about the two headed orgre.

Tinker is Gazlowe obviously.

Pitlord is likely being done by Azmodan. Even their bodies are similar. I forgot about Pitlord’s kit though.

Firelord is not in Heroes yet. This character will likely be Ragneros who is all fire and does everything fire.

Dark Ranger is Sylvanas obviously.

Beast Master is not in Heroes yet. I suppose it will be Rehgar.

Naga Sea Witch is not in Heroes yet. Lady Vashj would be a ton of fun in Heroes. She should be added.

Pandaren Brewmaster is Chen obviously.

Out of the 24 Warcraft 3 heroes, only fourteen are represented currently with ten missing. Hmm…



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