Posted by: seanmalstrom | March 22, 2015

Email: Hearthstoned

Greetings Malstrom

I’ve given up on Hearthstone, what will be HS’s undoing won’t just be the grind, it’ll be the oh so powerful Legendary cards and meta decks that make the game a chore, coupled with “hardcore” wallet-warrior players in ranked.

This isn’t the first time I’ve “quit” though, the first time was when Miracle Rogue was the big thing, if not Mage decks with a ton of op cards including one that literally keeps you from dying.

About a year later I return, now its even more op Legendarys, Mechs, and more meta decks in “casual”, I feel like I’ve been punished for not grinding at HS everyday.

On top of all the “hardcore meta noob pwning” decks, we have players with no real skill but get by because they have the latest Mcguffin by Blizzard. You know they’re not skilled when they take quite literally forever on every decision.

Hopefully we can get some mileage out of Heroes of the Storm before “the hardcore” swarm in, but even then, I’ve already had to cope with a few griefers (players that would farm gold but never use it nor push lanes).

People argue that Hearthstone isn’t pay to win, I argue that time is money, and you have to invest a TON of time into HS before you can build a half-way decent deck, that or pay up real money (for cards with no real world value).

I still play HS with my friends though, while watching them get stomped in “casual mode”, sooner or later I’ll have to get them into “real games”, games that you buy and own off, games that don’t require constant “nerfs and buffs”.

I think I’ll take a break from HS til Blizzard figures out how to balance their cards, it just eats up too much time to get the quests in.

BTW am I the only player that finds “buffs and nerfs” in F2P games just a case of planned obsolescence? A way of forcing players to buy the latest things?

Thank you again for reading my e-mails


I tried Hearthstone but didn’t like it. This is probably because I was never the type to get into games like Magic the Gathering. It seems like fun. But I cannot stand the RNG of decks.

Hearthstone is brilliant in that Blizzard put out a polished video game card deck builder which can be played on tablets as well. It is turn based game which no one makes anymore.

I’ve been playing a TON of Heroes lately. The grind is a grind only if you let it be so. I can get to Hero league now, but it says, “You need to own 10 heroes. You currently only have one.” hahahahah

I don’t see any ‘pay to win’ or so with Heroes. I see many, many people buying the skins. These skins are like $10 a pop. Also, I suspect many people get the experience booster packs. Why they are in a rush to get heroes to level 10 is a mystery to me. People who focus on grinding their experience or gold bars will quit the game. If you don’t like the game, grinding out xp bars isn’t going to make it any more fun.

Heroes just needs… more to it. It needs more heroes. It needs better matchmaking. It needs to get out of beta so anyone who wants to play can do so.

The game is really, really fun. I haven’t had this much fun in multiplayer since Warcraft 2.



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