Posted by: seanmalstrom | March 23, 2015

Here’s where the toxic Heroes players are coming from…

By toxicity, I mean going in full rage mode in chat, calling people names, and maybe rage quitting. We all know it when we see it. Yet, it is prevalent in Heroes. Why isn’t the 20 minute or so game time stopping the toxicity? There is a simple answer.

Who are not the toxic players? Let us ask that.

-People who are starting the game.

-People who are more casual players.

-People who are legitimately good at the game and have a high rank in Hero League.

I watched Grubby play Quick Match and get absolutely decimated. You would think he was a huge noob. But he is not. He goes back to Hero League, and the games play out much smoother.

From the time I had seen in WoW, the players who rage are never the ‘elite’ players. They are always the ones who are the ‘wanna be’ elites.

Every single ‘rager’ I’ve seen in Heroes has had the same pattern to them: they all have spent enormous amount of time ‘leveling’ their heroes. In fact, they are doing nothing but leveling their heroes. I go to their profile and I see a dozen master leveled characters. Does this mean they are awesome? No. If they were awesome, they would be in Hero league. And for all we know, they could be using stim packs to accelerate their experience.

The other day, I was showing a brand new player how to play in co-op. Co-op is a good place to be for new players. I only go to quick match if it is a hero I know inside out. Co-op should be pretty chill unless the bots start to win. Usually, it is difficult for the bots to win unless a player or two does nothing. However, it is very common for the bots to sometimes get a level ahead of you especially at the beginning of the game. The bots are dumb, but they are very consistent. They know how to soak their lanes at least. I had someone in co-op begin raging hard. “You all a bunch of noobs! OMG!” “Damn, I got a baddie team.” We easily won like most co-op games are easily won. I looked at his profile and, sure enough, he had like 10 Master leveled heroes. Then I went to his match history. For the last several months, he had been playing nothing but co-op. Really now!?

Often, the stats are used as a club in the middle of the game. Context really is everything. “Look at your damage! u R terrible!” This is like a few minutes in the game with all the enemy hero fights being in mostly other lanes. At the end of the game, the damage went up considerably. But there is no context. I look up the person’s profile and, again, I see half a dozen master leveled heroes. And yet, the guy hasn’t taken a step into Hero league.

I would go to Hero league, but I do not have 10 heroes. Also, I’d want to be able to play all 10 heroes effectively. Alas.

One thing I’ve learned about Heroes multiplayer is that it really is all about team fights. What hurts are the co-op queens who keep pushing lanes by their lonesome and ignoring the team fights. However, pushing a lane is better than feeding the enemy your experience points because you keep dying all the time.

Nova players, despite being the Number One Player Killer Hero, tend to just wander around and don’t gel with a team. You get all sorts of characters.

A couple of days ago, I had a 45 minute game in Heroes. Oh yes. The game was on Dragonshire. Both teams were past level 30 hahahahahaha. It went on so long because my team had one person leave (giving us a bot) and another character was Murky (they had no murky or weird character). My team did win that at the end. I did enjoy nearly a million experience points hahahahahahaha.

I think the worst thing to do in Heroes is to keep dying and feed the enemy your xp. I never die a ton unless a good Nova is on my ass (number one player killer hero!). In the last game I was in, I died a couple of times while my team mates had died a dozen times or more. WTF? No wonder they kept outleveling us.

Oh, and you will like this, I encountered a PC gaming cafe store. It actually was just beefed up PCs in a room (where I guess people can be nerds and play LAN). The owner wore a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles T-shirt, and we talked about Heroes of the Storm since he had brought up LoL. Did he tell me about playing Hero League? No, good reader. He told me about how many characters he had ‘master level’ at level 10. He had like six or eight. I then realize I am in front of a ‘hardcore gamer’ who literally gets his validation from a video game. He didn’t describe playing it, he just described filling up experience bars.



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