Posted by: seanmalstrom | March 26, 2015

Email: which channels/streams to watch for heroes of the storm

Hi Master Malstrom,

What youtube channels or streams would you recommend for Heroes of the Storm for a combination of skill and fun? You mentioned Chu8 and Grubby, anyone else? I’ve been watching Force and MFPallytime.

I tried to find Force and MFPallytime, but I didn’t see them. Oh well. I don’t watch streams much. I do so for only the following reasons:

1) As a break in between matches.

2) To see how the game is supposed to be played.

Number 2 is very important because there is so much stupid in the Quick League. We need a new definition of smart and stupid. Smart or skilled does not mean what numbers you get but more on actually doing things together as a team. Imagine when people are doing their own thing, obviously a tank can do more alone than, say, a support.

I just came from a game where it was 20 minutes of flaming back and forth between different team members. At one point, the team was four levels ahead. At the end, the two stopped arguing and decided to do one last push. We all joined together and then won the game… despite them having taken down all our towers/keeps/forts and us having taken down almost nothing and being outleveled.

I have Grubby on in the background. He is getting trashed in Quick League. Then he goes solo-queue in Hero League (Rank 1) and then wins a 6 minute game in Haunted Mines. Obviously, this tells me the game is extremely team dependent more so than even mechanical skills.

Chu8’s style is more of my own. He just goes in and goes crazy. I’ve seen him go Lili and get top hero damage multiple times. Lately, he is so busy talking to viewers that he forgets to pick his hero and gets stuck with random… then he goes on and wins game after game after game in a row. I do like seeing him get wrecked when he plays a squishy hero especially at the beginning of the game.

I have every hero at level 5 or above except for five or six (the vikings, sylvanas, abathur, and such). Right now I am playing Tyrande. My absolute favorite hero has been Jaina for whatever reason. Right now, those two will be played because they got ‘buffed’, but they weren’t bad already. I also like Azmodan, ETC, and Kerrigan.

I’m playing a ton now because Blizzard gave everyone a stim pack. Might as well take advantage of it!



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