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Email: Mario bros u has a giant world

I keep reading on your blog how only 3 d Mario gets the giant world. While replaying Mario Bros u today I came across Giant Jungle.

One stage? Meh.

The point is that Miyamoto (since he is THE GUY in charge of the Mario games) is deliberately putting what we want in the 3d Mario games while the 2d Mario games are nothing more than an experiment (NSMB Wii’s 4 player co-op mode), launch game (NSMB U), or an exercise for level design for the Nintendo staff (NSMB 2, NSMB U).

When asked why Peach wasn’t in 4 player NSMB Wii, Miyamoto said the Wii couldn’t do ‘dress physics’. The real reason was because he only wanted Super Mario in 3d World to have Peach while NSMB U still use the same toads.

Mario Galaxy 2 had Giant World. NSMB Wii (or even DS) did not.

Sure, NSMB 2 had the raccoon tail but only AFTER Super Mario 3d Land heavily featured the Tanooki suit in everything in could. Sure NSMB U might have a giant land type level, but it is so far late that it is insulting at this point. There is nothing NEW in the NSMB game. Anything that is put in that we do want is only deliberately done after the 3d version gets such a feature. So if there is another 2d Mario game, it might get peach only then. But any new creatures and any cool stuff will be reserved only for the 3d Mario game. This is the way how it is.

The reason why sales are down is because…

A) 3DS and Wii U are very hostile to those who like 2d Mario and not 3d Mario. Those who like both aren’t going to care. People attracted to 2d Mario are not going to buy game consoles based around 3d outputs.

B) NSMB games are crappy games. I said it! CRAPPY.

Why the fuck should I give a crap about NSMB? I don’t even know why Nintendo made these games. I’ve never seen such a miserable display of crap.

The music is shit.

The artwork is shit.

The power-ups are boring.

There is absolutely nothing memorable about these games. They are nothing but retreads which we have seen before. Crap. Crap. Crap.

But if you go through the original Mario series, and why it holds appeal today, is that the games were extremely memorable and very differentiated from one another.

This is an extremely memorable game. It plays its own unique way. It introduced us to Bowser and all the rest of the enemies.

Above: Memorable music!

This is another extremely memorable game. All its enemies are completely NEW and DIFFERENT. You get to play as different characters. Even the game mechanics are very different. I don’t care if it is Doki Doki Panic, the point is that it is memorable and different.

Above: Memorable music!

This game is incredible. Airships, the Koopa Kids, the ‘worlds’, the maps, the new enemies, on and on, the great music.

Above: Memorable music!

I do not like this game as much as others do, but it is still incredible. It introduced Yoshi. It has new enemies. What is not to like about it? What is not to love about it?

Above: Memorable Music!

Really Above: None of the music are the starring songs or such. There is so much goodness in the music. Yet, is there anything interesting in the NSMB music? NO.

What do the NSMB games offer that is memorable or cool? I still have no desire to ever, EVER play through NSMB Wii again. Why is that? And why do I want to replay these early games again and again, but I have ZERO interest in NSMB?

NSMB is how EA would make Super Mario Brothers games. It is soulless and pure crap. Why on Earth would I want to play it? Can anyone tell me? Anyone?

The co-op was fun the first time around, but now it is annoying and not fun. Also, the co-op was nothing new. Capcom did co-op with Chip and Dale Rescue Rangers on the NES. Bubble Bobble did co-op right. But NSMB? Why are my characters bouncing off each other? Who fucking is responsible for that decision? I don’t find it fun to play in co-op at all.

Nintendo isn’t interested in making a quality 2d Mario game. Look at how they did the so-called ‘Link to the Past’ sequel. They butchered it! The game is so ridiculously easy that it is a joke. Awful! Completely wrong!

The upcoming Mario Maker is so Nintendo never has to make an actual 2d Mario game again. I wish they would give us 3d Mario Maker so people can make their sequels to Mario 64 instead of watching Miyamoto screw up the 3d Mario game sequels.



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