Posted by: seanmalstrom | March 27, 2015

Email: What is motivating the White Knights?

Hey Malstrom,

since you like writing about women occasionally I wonder if you could write about certain types of men this time. I mean the White Knights, or Betas, or whatever you want to call them. In particular, what could possibly motivate a man to become like that.

Take a look at the women who have been in GamerGate’s spotlight and see their Patreon page. Sure, some of those numbers is circle-donating among each other, but that alone can never account for such a high sum. We are talking about more than 4,000$ per month in free money.

It’s one thing to go on the internet with a nickname and pretend to support someone to just piss people off, that’s trolling. But here we have people putting their real names and real money behind it. I don’t get it, what could possibly motivate a person to do such a thing? They can’t be seriously expecting to get into the women’s pants? I guess in real life they might think it works, but this is the internet. Is there something I’m missing? Is it like a substitute religion? A lot of these fedora SJWs are atheists for some reason (look up Atheism+ if you want to see some insanity).

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that I’m a super macho alpha guy myself who’s drowning in pussy, but I still have my dignity. And quite frankly, the women that attract these White Knights really don’t look like they would be worth such degradation in the first place. What is going on here?

There’s two types. There are those types of guys who call prostitutes to watch movies with them because they want some sort of companionship. These type of guys always have a ton of ‘female friends’.  The other type is due to the sunk costs fallacy. When people are invested in something, anything, they will keep telling themselves that it is wonderful, that they are wonderful, and that what is going on is right. The more heavily invested they are in it, the more hard they are in them thinking it is ‘right’.



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