Posted by: seanmalstrom | April 1, 2015

Nintendo is a complicated mess

I just watched the latest Nintendo Direct.

I give up trying to make sense of it all. I give up trying to keep track of all the Amiibos. There are so many. I give up on trying to figure out what they do. They all do different things, but most of them do things I don’t want them to do anyway. I give up with understanding the Virtual Console. Why are the VC games only on a timer and differ with the same Amiibo? Iwata says it is like inserting in a new cartridge. But the only people who have experience with that, with home consoles, are over 30 years old by now and not Nintendo’s main customers.

I came across from the Nintendo Direct with a headache. There is nothing simple to understand from a consumer’s point of view. All I can gather is that Nintendo wants everyone to buy all the Amiibos and DLC. This is all I got.

The footage of Splatoon after the Direct confirms my suspicion the game will bomb. The enemy characters are so terribly bland.

I am liking how Nintendo is allowing you to buy DLC for 3DS or Wii U and have it available for the other system without buying it again.

I wonder if there will be the day when I can buy Super Mario Brothers and not have to buy it again. How many times must I keep buying that game? It’s 30 years old at this point!



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