Posted by: seanmalstrom | April 19, 2015

Email: Perfect Games

Some (obvious?) omissions from your list, staying within your criteria:

Street Fighter II. Super Turbo is still played by fighting game fans to this day and probably still will be for years, if not decades, to come.

Tecmo Super Bowl. Possibly the only sports game with an active fanbase DECADES after its release. Mike Tyson’s Punch-Out!! comes close, but it’s single player so it doesn’t matter.

There’s some stuff that I personally would rank up there, but they’re mostly super niche games that would only be “perfect” to me and a few other people. The above two are really the only other ones I can think of that I’d objectively call “perfect games” based on your criteria.

The only entry on your list that I somewhat disagreed with was TMNT. I would rank Final Fight (arcade version) above those, but I can see where you’re coming from.

I also think you’re selling SMB1 short and would put it up there alongside SMB3.

One last game I just thought of: I’m tempted to say M.U.L.E. is “perfect”, but not particularly confident in that statement.

I’m also somewhat surprised that you left off Dr. Mario. Though I guess Tetris does the same job better, so no big deal.


Does Street Fighter 2 have a good single player experience though? The bots get really old fast. Same with Mortal Kombat and Smash Brothers. Brawl had a full fledged single player as if it was trying to be the ‘perfect game’, but I don’t think Brawl’s single player experience was that good.

Tecmo Super Bowl? Maybe.

M.U.L.E.? Is it really that fun in single player?

Yeah, I’m putting Dr. Mario together with Gameboy Tetris.

Some other possibilities might be some racing games like the Burnout series.

Some sports games might fit if they age well. Mario Strikers Charged? Maybe.

If Pac-Man VS had a single player mode, it would be a Perfect Game. Pac-Man is awesome single palyer, VS is awesome multiplayer, and the game doesn’t age.

Hearthstone might be getting up there since it now offers full fledged single player campaigns. We’ll see how that game is in five years from now.

Splatoon has that potential but only if people are playing it ten years from now.

Super Dodgeball is a good possibility. I forgot about that one.

Oh man, I forgot one of the best examples of The Perfect Game.

Super Monkey Ball

The game has a solid, solid single player. It takes time to master the levels. But the multiplayer mode is something else. It isn’t just turn based single player, they have all those fantastic ‘mini-games’ there. These ‘mini-games’ like the hang-gliding and the racing are just too much fun. They’re not mini-games like a bunch of small games thrown in there for the hell of it. It is like they came up with other games around the ball physics.

The game is aging wonderfully. Monkey Ball is a Perfect Game.

Warioware? Maybe.

Wii Sports? It will be if people are still playing it years from now.

Worms? If people are still playing them. I don’t think the single player is that great in them but oh well.



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