Posted by: seanmalstrom | April 25, 2015

Email: Two more ‘perfect games’

Diablo 2

How could this one have slipped past your list?

Good singleplayer? Check

Good multiplayer? It’s a ramped up version of gauntlet, playable online, so check

Still fun to play today? Definitely
This one was easy though, and you’ll probably agree.
Jet Force Gemini

You may not care for it since it was on the N64, but I’m going to pitch it:
The core gameplay consists of 2 modes of movement, which would be a standard walking/shooting mode and behind the back aiming mode. Unlike goldeneye, you can actually strafe while aiming using the C buttons while aiming with the analog stick. You can’t jump in this mode, but you simply release R to end it. You can jump, swim, and grab ledges to navigate the environment. You can even shoot grenades out of your enemies hand, making it explode prematurely.

The game is an adventure game, much like Rare’s “Banjo” games, and you explore a wide variety of planets, which are interconnected environments. You eventually play as 3 characters during the singleplayer, and can switch to them spontaneously (Take that GTA5!). Each is pretty similar, but they have special abilities which let them travel to different environments, and on each planet they visit they see a different section from the other characters. You eventually then can go to each section with each character, though this isn’t always the case.

You go through the game shooting “Ants” which are giant anthropomorphic alien bugs. The bleed green blood, and can be blown apart, which is quite gory. It has a somewhat Starship Troopers feel to it, which is probably a comparison that’s been made before. There’s a large variety of other insectoid enemies as well, some that can fly and some with armor. The game has an amazing soundtrack that sounds almost orchestrated, and some terrifying environments as well. There’s a molten hell planet for example, where half the level takes place inside of a gigantic worm.

There’s a ton of weapons, with many different functionalities. At the end of the game, you are literally godlike from all of the ordinance you can carry.

Good singleplayer? Check
The multiplayer is as good as the singleplayer. You fight other players in local co-op, split screen, in specially made maps designed with multiplayer in mind. You can play as many characters, often enemies which you encounter in the singleplayer. Some even have special abilities, like jump differences or armor plating. Some characters naturally blend into the environment (the smaller screens and the ability to go prone help this). There are quite a few maps and cheeky tactics which you and your friends can engage in, all while trying to destroy each other.

Another thing you can do is play the singleplayer with a friend. Early in the game you get a little follower droid which player 2 can aim and shoot with. It’s a bit overpowered but quite fun. They can also drop in and out with little setup.

Good multiplayer? Check

But is it still fun to play today? The multiplayer certainly is if you have the system in-tact after all these days, but what about the singleplayer?
The singleplayer has many secrets, such as health and ammo upgrades, and a few easter eggs and minigames. There’s 2 racing mini-games. You can play it with a 2nd player as the droid. You can do other characters levels with different characters. It becomes somewhat of a collectathon at the end, and some environments are a bit too dark to see in. It is also easy to forget what you are supposed to do, or know where to go next. But these are fairly minor, as you can always look up a guide. The game’s graphics, for an n64 game, have aged OK, which is better than what can be said for most games of that system.

Still fun to play today? I’d check it


I think people have given up Diablo 2 for Diablo 3, Exile, or another type game.

To clarify: fun to play today means new players getting into it. I can point to children, today, playing Super Mario Brothers 3 for the first time or Contra or Pac-Man. But I do not see them playing Diablo 2. Those who are playing Diablo 2 today are those who played Diablo 2 yesterday.

I’ve been meaning to replay Diablo 1 and 2 but… man…. some of those mechanics. The constant potion drinking for example. I don’t have that much free time anyway so I’d rather spend what it is on newer games.

It’s a damn shame Diablo 3 is not as good as Diablo 2. I keep trying to get into Diablo 3, but I just get… bored. I’ll probably get the second expansion just to complete it all. I have fun first time around in the game.



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