Posted by: seanmalstrom | April 25, 2015

Is Cammie Dunaway an evil human being?

Do you guys remember Cammie Dunaway? This should bring back memories:

Nintendo really did have everything going for them. In the United States, the Wii was completely sold out. The DS was hot. And yet, 2008 was when it all began to fall apart. The Wii excitement just vanished. Aside from the 2d Mario Revolution of 2009, everything after 2008 was just decline for the Wii and DS. We also know how the 3DS and Wii U ended up.

“How could this have happened, Malstrom?” People ask me this question. I want to bring you back to that time period as someone, I forgot who, asked me what would be the appropriate response Sony and Microsoft would have to Nintendo’s ‘gamer expansion’. Do they make their own motion controls? What do they do?

Thinking about it, I said: “They should make their marketing as casting Nintendo as an anti-masculine entity, completely fruity, suitable only for non-men, women, and children. Likewise, they should have their marketing cast their products as consoles of the testosterone.” In other words, cast their marketing as Nintendo not trying to ‘expand gaming’ but going complete feminist, progressive nonsense and trying to eradicate actual gamers.

Now the hardcore are insane, but gamers’ instincts were right about Cammie Dunaway and NOA in general. Someone brought in these rabid feminists (Cammie Dunaway is one as we will see), placed them in an executive position at the peak success of a company (as if associating them with such success), and began preaching ideology (e.g. ‘diversity’, etc.).

“You go too far.” Do I? I remember Cammie Dunaway, in an interview with Kotaku, squealing with delight about Obama becoming president. I was very surprised because business executives do not make political bias statements… i.e. saying they like one candidate more than another or anything like that. The reason why is obvious. First of all, there is no profit in doing so. Half the population voted for the other guy. They have money too. Second, you never know what a politician will do. A businessman doesn’t want to be linked with a filthy politician of any order. This was a clear signal that something was really wrong with Nintendo and Cammie Dunaway. (I’m actually hearing a similar signal with Tim Cook and Apple. That company is ripe for a major fall.)

Anyway, here is Cammie Dunaway today:

This is pure feminist talk. Poor son. Imagine if a man said he wished he didn’t have a daughter and decided to come to find peace by making that woman view her life’s value based on being a utility to men. Such a man would be declared evil on the spot for saying such a thing. Is a woman evil for doing the same?

There was a ton of crap coming from NOA during Post Wii success. I could never understand the move to create an office in San Francisco. “That is where many game companies are at, therefore, we need to be there.” BS. With modern technology like Internet and all, there is no need to be physically in any location. How did Nintendo do it from Seattle back pre-Internet? And there are game companies all over the place… such as Texas. After all, Retro is there. Much of NOA’s decisions weren’t making any sense.

What really didn’t make sense was the removing of the old guard. We’re talking about the ones who stuck it out through the N64 and Gamecube days. AS soon as they get their Wii success, they get canned. Then, mediocrities like Cammie Dunaway get brought in. Why? Seeing that Dunaway is an ideologue with political agendas, I wonder if there is much more to what went on at NOA than we think. Why is Iwata CEO of NOA today? It has to be due to Nintendo cannot find someone to trust for that position at current. There can be no other reason. But why is Nintendo not trusting? Something happened then. We know Reggie Fils-Aime has been effectively sidelined. He appears to be nothing more than a figurehead at this point. There is a story here.



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