Posted by: seanmalstrom | April 26, 2015

The Upcoming Fall of Apple

I see it, and others are seeing it too. Here’s a great article on the upcoming fall of Apple and why it is largely inevitable if one looks at history.

I predict within decades that Apple will become a shell of its former self and become known mostly as a fashion company. Computers are going into everything, obviously. High Tech Fashion will be in its own industry. I expect Apple to be a huge part of that. However, Apple’s big advantage is that it has no competition in High Tech Fashion. Microsoft cannot compete in High Tech Fashion. IBM can’t. Google doesn’t. Yet, competitors will arise. I see companies like Samsung doing the ‘good enough’ route with their competing Apple products, but I don’t see Samsung as the great Apple competitor. I see Apple getting stuck in the fashion market and competing chiefly within it against other fashion companies. Once fashion companies go high tech, which they will, we will see something else quite entirely.

The Apple Watch seems more fashion than high tech. It is high tech, but it is Apple becoming more fashion than computing high tech. It’s a sign of the future.

Remember, Steve Jobs aimed this ad against IBM in 1983.

I had forgotten that IBM actually made discoveries within science itself with its Nobel Prize awards. Fascinating stuff. But you must understand IBM’s huge stature in order to understand the following scene:

“It is called… DOS.”

Ahhh…. DOS….

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