Posted by: seanmalstrom | May 3, 2015

Email: Hearthstone is fun

The last time I took a chance on a Blizzard game AND had fun was with Warcraft 3. I’ve never been big on Starcraft. Diablo and WoW are the type of games I would get a bit addicted to but wouldn’t be able to play enough of.

Hearthstone? It kicks ass. I’m used to Yugioh, Pokemon tcg and Magic. It does away with a lot of the fluff of yugi, adds grit and depth that Pokemon will never have and it has the game client that Magic could only dream of.

I very rarely play games on my phone, that’s the job of my 3ds when I’m not at home! I wish that I had of played more Blizzard games to completion, I’d know who more of these people and worlds are. I guess that I finally understand how non-Nintendo fans feel about Smash Bros.

If Heroes of the Storm gets a mobile version (or windows tablets with gaming chops get cheaper) I’ll try it. It looks like fun and it seems to be repelling the types of League of Legends players that I don’t care for.


Heroes of the Storm will never have a tablet version… unless it is for some other game mode not yet made. The game is too fast paced.

Hearthstone seems too much of a money pit to me, but then again I never liked Magic the Card Game. I liked the idea of it, but the randomness nature of card play and constant ‘new expansion packs’ puts me off.





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