Posted by: seanmalstrom | May 3, 2015

Email: So did Nintendo swallow the feminism Kool-Aid or are they trying to do damage control because of it?

Your last email on Cammie Dunaway was interesting.  Do you think that Nintendo became gung-ho on that sort of worldview *or* that they unwittingly let someone in who inflicted their worldview on NoA and has caused unknown damage to the company?  To the point that NCL no longer trusts NoA to run itself?

I don’t have any data to say anything.

What we do know is that SJWs are trying to take over gaming today. My question is, “What if they tried to take over gaming yesterday?”

Cammie Dunaway complaining about misogyny as a reaction to her experience in gaming is hilarious. The video game industry is not like any other entertainment business. It is VERY DIFFICULT  business. ESPECIALLY console gaming. No one, not Microsoft, not Sony, not even Micahel Pachter, will disagree with the notion that console gaming is a difficult business. It can be very profitable, but it can be extremely unprofitable too.

People like Cammie Dunaway, who appears to be a Social Justice Warrior, was brought in at the height of the biggest console success story ever in history. The Wii was not just selling well. It was completely sold out in the United States for years. If you, the beautiful reader, were made an executive, wouldn’t you want to be brought in with a product that was always sold out? I mean, you couldn’t lose could you?

Imagine a sports team that had an endless winning streak. Someone says, “We want that X type of person to succeed. Let us bring that X person in, and they will be associated with the team’s success.”

To this day, I have no idea why NOA got rid of its older, more experienced staff such as George Harrison.

Above: Remember him? He brought sales charts to the conferences. I loved it! What a nice guy!

I can see getting rid of people due to failures. However, NOA was not a failure for Nintendo during the N64 and Gamecube eras. In fact, NOA was the shining example of success in those time periods. N64 and Gamecube sold the vast majority of its sales in North America. So did the Wii too.

After spending… what… a decade?…. with the N64 and Gamecube, these guys get swept aside at the peak of success and Social Justice Warriors get put in place like Cammie Dunaway. They also twisted the ‘growing the gaming market’ marketing message to be ‘endless diversity… like more women…’. Women have always been a huge part of console gaming since PONG. The marketing was being more political. It was not that the Wii game was selling big or to non-gamers… it was that the Wii game was selling to more diversity.What the hell does that mean?

There is a story here that we do not know. What was going on with NOA?

What we DO know is that sales tanked rapidly. What we DO know is that Dunaway and others like her were fired (no one uses that term, but it is the correct one). What we DO know is that Iwata is now president of NOA which is very strange. Iwata is a busy guy. He wouldn’t be president of NOA unless there is a reason for him to be there.



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