Posted by: seanmalstrom | May 9, 2015

Email: I played Splatoon

Nintendo had that demo thing for one hour (talk about limited).  Splatoon is OK.  I didn’t feel any magic.  This isn’t Mario Kart or Super Mario Bros.  It can probably be fun with a team though.  I hated the controls.  That massive controller does nothing but piss me off.  Does Nintendo still think it’s going to “make” us “understand” the supposed brilliance of that monstrosity?  Anyway, I’m with you.  This game is going to be a dud probably.  I expect nothing spectacular in the sales department.  It absolutely cannot expand the genre or gamers like Brain Age or Wii Sports.

It is such a shame. Nintendo could really use a successful shooter franchise. When Iwata once said, “At NCL, we do not know how to make shooter games,” he was really telling the truth. What is so amazing to me is that shooters design are not hard to understand. After all, Japan understands the shmup. Perhaps it is the 3d arena that is mystifying to them. I do not know.




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