Posted by: seanmalstrom | May 9, 2015

Is video games rewiring men’s brains to create a ‘crisis of masculinity’?

Readers, let us look at this story. I’ll wait over here until you are done.

There are some false assumptions being made here. The number one is that…

1) Video games are always played by men.

2) Video games are played in isolation.

This simply isn’t true. Women make up much of the video game population. Most video games are also multiplayer which means they are not being played in isolation.

The ‘prized psychologist’ also talks about men falling behind in education and all. But the assumption is…

3) Education is a quality of life progress and intelligence.

No, it isn’t. Women may be swelling the education statistics, but yet we keep hearing that we need more women in STEM fields or IT fields. Maybe men don’t want to major in dolphins and unicorns.

4) The men are unhappy.

Are they unhappy? Men, are you unhappy with playing video games? They don’t seem unhappy to me. The happiest I see men is when they do play their video games (or watch and play sports).

5) Men watching porn is bad.

Is it? If this is, as the psychologist says, ‘new and unprecedented’, how can there be a rush to conclusion on whether it is ‘good’ or ‘bad’? The age old question as to why men would watch porn instead of go out and date women is easily solved by looking at Western women. The Western women are fat, have no desire to make any man happy, thrive on making men around them unhappy, have short hair, have tattoos, and are unfeminine. If men were surrounded by slim, desirable women, and they choose to watch porn instead, this would be a problem. But if they are surrounded by she-hags, a sort of monster incarnation, how else are such men to remain sane?

6) The problem is only with men.

How are women free from all responsibility? Women have a huge influence on men. If men want to watch video games and porn, is this due to influence of women? If the influence is bad, then the retreat makes sense.

I’m becoming concerned lately that video games are being stereotyped as an only male venue played in isolation. Even the hardcore male gamers, who live their lives in video games, use video games as means to a social life. Meaning, they play games to meet new people, to hang out with other guys, and to have conversations with other guys. I think the biggest lie is that video games is a social isolation. It is just the opposite.

Now TV on the other hand….



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