Posted by: seanmalstrom | May 11, 2015

The passion of the Heroes of the Storm players

Pictured above: Someone tatooed Murky, a HOTS character, onto the appendage. It’s master skin Murky too!

I’m not putting up much posts because all I do is play Heroes of the Storm.

Heroes of the Storm at night.

Heroes of the Storm at the morning.

When not playing, I watch other people play Heroes of the Storm like Chu8 and Grubby.

It’s difficult to predict a game’s success within a heavily competed area. However, anecdotal evidence, this game is creating passionate users.  I meet people on the street who have played it and love it. By passionately loving it, I mean they are buying starter packs and playing the game every chance they can get. These are NOT MOBA players.

I haven’t had this much fun since Warcraft 2.

The short game times means you can play and not have the game destroy your life (like WoW). If you like any Blizzard game, then I think you will love Heroes. Even if you don’t, it is definitely worth a try. I think Blizzard has been developing this game for 5 years (!). Now it is suddenly coming out. I see Heroes of the Storm, as of today, like Vanilla WoW when it released. I think this game has a very long and fruitful history ahead of it.

Now excuse me while I play more Heroes of the Storm…

This is what it feels like to play Heroes. Love the Command and Conquer music at 45:00.

This game is hot. Remember the first issue of Nintendo Power where they previewed Mega Man 2 and Howard Phillips kept saying, “This game is hot!!!”. This game is about on that same level.



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