Posted by: seanmalstrom | May 19, 2015

Email: FPS

“This would also explain why I cannot play First Person Shooters with a controller. I need a keyboard and mouse.”

I am happy to hear you say this.  I absolutely cannot stand dual analog for shooters of any kind.  I despise the control scheme with all of my hatred.  As the industry keeps trying to ram this controller down my throat I keep protesting by refusing to by any such games.  Even though the industry was presented with a much better solution on consoles by and through the Wii Remote (and even, apparently, the PS Move), it went “hardcore” on us and ultimately ignored these control schemes once the Wii passed and Sony stopped paying developers to support its then-new motion controller.

So even though Killzone 3 on the PS3 supported the PS Move, Killzone on the PS4 did not.  And then we had assholes like EA-developer Dice proclaiming that these controls were “gimmicks” and that Battlefield would never support motion controllers.  Well Dice can go fuck itself.

Hell, even Splatoon doesn’t support the Wii Remote!  You have to use the GamePad!  Nintendo can go fuck itself too!

I wouldn’t mind seeing you slam dual analog more often.  The control scheme sucks and deserves to be relegated to the “classic controller” status it received on the Wii.


Keyboard and mouse FPS games are also much, much faster paced. No matter how good Dreamcast players got at their version of Quake 3, they couldn’t compete with keyboard and mouse PC players.





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